Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 11.2.6900 (Official Release)

December 19, 2018

Sitefinity CMS 11.2

This version contains: HubSpot connector for Sitefinity CMS, New content editing experience for Events and Calendars, Control over the number of revision history versions stored, Ability for users in non-administrative roles to unlock content items, View permissions for Form responses, Support for different DateTime and Number custom field values per language, Ability to customize the Admin App, Improvements in the SiteSync module, Security improvements.

What's new

  • HubSpot connector for Sitefinity CMS
    Sitefinity CMS connector for HubSpot enables marketers to easily create and configure Sitefinity CMS forms to send data to and trigger automated workflows in HubSpot. Sitefinity CMS gives marketers full control over field mappings and they can easily reuse the same form across multiple campaigns by changing the associated HubSpot API key.
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  • Create and manage events and calendars in the new content editing experience
    Defining events and event-specific properties is now easier and more straightforward with emphasis on clean and simple design. You benefit from improved date and time pickers, simpler management of both calendars and events, and enhanced list views.
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  • Health check API for custom modules 
    If you developed custom modules for your Sitefinity CMS website, you can now benefit from the Health check service and integrate custom Health checks in your module code. This way you extend the scope of the Health check service and can use it as a centralized mechanism for verifying the vital functions of core Sitefinity CMS functionality, as well as your custom module components.
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  • Ability to login users to Sitefinity CMS without providing a password, when using custom authentication
    You can use the Sitefinity CMS Security API to skip authentication and directly login a user. This functionality is valid when you are using a custom mechanism for authenticating your users, which is external from Sitefinity CMS. 
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  • Option to translate Date and Time custom field 
    You can localize the Date and Time custom field and have different values in different translations. This is particularly helpful for regional date/time formatting.
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  • Option to translate the Number custom field  
    You can localize the Number custom field and have different values in different translations.
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  • New features, based on customer feedback and requests:
    • Limit the number of versions stored in revision history (FP)
      Once you accumulate considerable amounts of content, and, therefore, stored versions, you may consider limiting how many versions back you want to store. This is useful when you do not make revisions all that often and, most importantly, when content revisions take too much space in your database. 
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    • Users in non-administrative roles can now unlock content items (FP)
      You can allow roles or users that are not administrators to unlock content items or pages. You can grant permissions on module level or on individual level. 
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    • Option to restrict access to form responses (FP)
      To protect sensitive information, you can set view permissions for form responses. You can set permissions on module or individual form level.  
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  • New Admin App extensions:
    • Option to customize the new content editing experience rich-text editor 
      You can modify the settings of the Sitefinity CMS rich-text editor that the new content editing experience leverages. The editor is based on Kendo UI and the configuration file is exposed and shipped with the Admin App.
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    • Customize the appearance of the Admin App by modifying specific components of the user interface and creating a custom backend theme. You can customize button colors, secondary text, and input placeholder text.
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What's improved

  • SiteSync module has new and improved documentation
    Take a look at the most comprehensive set of Sitefinity CMS SiteSync documentation to date. Read about SiteSync concepts and process, learn about how to set up and work with SiteSync, understand what content and settings SiteSync promotes and why. Last, but not least, get the scoop on the videos demonstrating the more complex but key SiteSync configurations.
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  • Performance improvements when using distributed output cache

Security updates

  • Cumulative security fixes and protections.

What's fixed


20+ bugs fixed, including: 
  • Hidden sync errors after restart of the destination server during the sync procedure.
  • Content dependencies mix-ups during SiteSync.
    From now on, when promoting pages with related media, SiteSync automatically promotes the respective related media items, as well. In addition, when promoting dynamic modules that are tagged, tags are automatically promoted to the destination environment.
  • Errors when promoting multilingual documents. (FP)
  • Inaccurately reordered documents in folders after sync. (FP)
  • Inaccurate "Priority in sitemap" of pages on the destination environment. (FP)
  • Personalized version of a widget is preserved on the destination environment, even though it is deleted on the source environment.
  • In a multisite setup on both environments, the source one having 1 monolingual and one multilingual site, promoting images from the monolingual site does not work.
  • Sitemap generates wrong URL for domains that have subfolders. (FP)
  • Sitemap generates URL with duplicate site segment for child pages that display content widgets in Detail view. (FP)

Multisite and multilingual environment

  • Duplicating pages from one site to the other leads to duplicate widget IDs when the pages, on which the widgets are displayed, were translated and then modified on the original site without storing Draft versions in the DB. (FP)
  • A dropdown menu for selecting a language for Labels & Messages is not displayed. (FP)

Events and calendars

  • Events recurring biweekly do not calculate Sundays properly.
  • Exporting recurrent all-day events to iCal or Outlook results in a wrong end date.
  • Filtering events on a personalized page with a MVC Calendar widget does not work.
  • Using an MVC Events widget that displays events, based on a date range, results in wrong events listed.
  • MVC Calendar widget switches to Detail view when a single item is selected.
  • After editing an MVC Calendar widget on a page template, the widget does not display the correct settings.
  • Events Description field does not persist data.
  • Unexpected behavior when creating weekly recurrent events that include Sundays.
  • When using an MVC Calendar widget in a parent page template, the calendar view is not correctly displayed in the child template.
  • Client-side error on viewing event properties in the backend.

Dynamic modules

  • Being able to add a short-text field to dynamic modules and naming it GUID. (FP)


  • When selecting a parent category, items in the default language are displayed, as opposed to items in the currently selected language. (FP)


  • SitefinityManager.AuthenticateUser() always generates session cookies. (FP)
  • Sign out endopoint does not work when the Backend UI is disabled. (FP)


  • Search index concatenates in the search result words with the 'h2' and 'p' tags. (FP)
  • On some occasions, when attempting to delete the Lucene search index, an exception is thrown.

In-line editing tool

  • When a content block has edit permissions granted to Administrators only and when an Editor attempts to publish the page on the frontend after editing the page inline, the publish operation cannot be completed. (FP)

Admin App

  • Email links in content items are not properly created and thus do not work. (FP)
  • Complete category path is not displayed in the edit view of blog content. (FP)

Google Analytics

  • Metrics are not displaying correctly when default language is different than English. (FP)

DEC connector

  • When renaming or deleting a site, you cannot remove the site from the list with websites, tracked by DEC. (FP)


  • When using a Content block widget, inability to configure PDF files to open in a new tab.
  • Users without the proper permissions can access page templates via the Design menu. (FP)
  • For media content with restricted access, FrontendLoginPageUrl redirects to the backend login page, as opposed to the frontend URL specified. (FP)
  • Personalization of a whole page does not result in a GUID that contains 32 digits with 4 dashes (FP)
  • Site URL settings add an extra '?' on SSL redirect (FP)
  • Changes to CSS classes of nested MVC grid widgets are not persisted (FP)
  • Publishing an item translation publishes scheduled changes (FP)
  • Edit mode instead of read only mode is displayed for users without edit permissions

Other changes

Developer Tools updates

  • Data Access - 2018.0.1127.1/2018.0.1127.2
  • IdentityServer3 - version 2.6.3

API Changes 

Full list of API changes changes is available here: API Changes in Sitefinity CMS

Database Changes 

Full list of database changes is available here: Database Changes in Sitefinity CMS

Known issues

  • New Content editing experience:
    • Events default time zone is always UTC -12
    • Discrepancy between event start date for recurring events in the new content editing experience and the classic UI. The date in the new UI is adjusted based on whether the first occurrence of the event is already in the past.
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