Sitefinity and MVC: Effortlessly Deliver Complex Customer Experiences at Scale

Get to market faster with a lightweight, highly-testable presentation framework and the extensibility and scalability of Sitefinity CMS.

Your Challenge

Develop Complex, Large-Scale Projects

Easily manage the complexity of large-scale projects as you work on individual components to accelerate development, testing and deployment, and get to market faster.

Sitefinity Solution

Build Better Experiences With Sitefinity CMS

Leverage Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS and MVC to build complex, high-performing, responsive and scalable websites. Gain full control of your markup and keep your code organized, reusable and easy to test.

Better Performance

Deliver faster and swifter websites with clean HTML and improved page load speed.

Control Over Markup

Modify any part of the DOM of your pages without the hassle of having to rebuild the whole project.

Frontend Efficiency

Leverage the Bootstrap 4 resource package, installed out-of-the-box, to create beautiful and responsive mobile-first websites,

Frontend Flexibility

Work with the frontend framework of your choice and easily integrate with JavaScript libraries, such as Angular Material.

Developer Productivity

Easily scaffold widgets and templates with VSIX and directly register them in the toolbox to enable parallel, test-driven development


Employ rich routing capabilities and fine-grained control over widget priority on pages for SEO properties.

Success Story

Watch our chat with our partners from Athracian, who provide Sitefinity consulting and development services. Topics revolved about their experience with MVC and what they think MVC brings to the table when developing web experiences – both for developers and for the end users.


MVC_ The Preferred Way of Coding
Razor Pages: the Natural Successor to Web Forms
ASP.NET Core Razor Pages is the natural successor to the traditional Web Forms development framework. Mike Brind attempts to demonstrate this with a high-level orientation of comparable features, showing how one maps to the other.
Applying a Bootstrap Template to Sitefinity with MVC_870x450
Applying a Bootstrap Template to Sitefinity with MVC
Learn how you can use an MVC approach to apply a Bootstrap template to your Sitefinity website in this step-by-step tutorial.


  • What are the main differences between MVC and Web Forms?

    The two technologies differ in their architecture model and development patterns. Differences include stateless model, control over markup, URL routing capabilities, extensibility options, and others.

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  • How do I get started with MVC?

    You don't have to be a .NET developer to work with MVC. To start off, get acquainted with MVC widget basics and try out developing one yourself. To support you in your first steps in MVC, we provide you with comprehensive documentation and samples.

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  • Do I have all Web Forms widgets as MVC widgets?

    The two technologies differ in their architecture model and development patterns. Differences include stateless model, control over markup, URL routing capabilities, extensibility options, and others.

  • What if I am still using Web Forms widgets in my application?

    We highly recommend that you create all your new functionality with MVC, following Sitefinity CMS development best practices for improved productivity. For now, you can continue working in your existing projects with both Web Forms and MVC widgets. You can gradually refactor towards pure MVC.

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  • Are Web Forms retired? 

    Sitefinity CMS is focusing on becoming an MVC-first platform. For the time being, however, Sitefinity CMS will continue to support the Web Forms model. We highly recommend that you can create all new functionality with MVC.

  • Where can I access the MVC widgets code?

    The code for all built-in MVC widgets is open source and you can find it in the GitHub repository. You can use the code to learn the basics of how to develop models, views, and controllers of your own, or simply customize the built-in widgets.

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