Integration Hub


Using the Integration Hub, you can integrate your Sitefinity project with critical third-party systems and applications, such as Salesforce, Google, Azure, and Power BI. The Integration Hub is built on a leading iPaaS platform - Workato, which enables website administrators to create custom data connectivity and workflow automation scenarios using a low-code/no-code visual designer.
The integration of Sitefinity with Workato is made possible through the Workato Connector for Sitefinity. This connector utilizes the Workato SDK to create a user interface and make API calls to interact with Sitefinity and other third-party systems.
There are also sample Recipes available to integrate Sitefinity with Salesforce, RSS feeds, Google Calendar, and others.

For more information on how to use Workato, see Workato documentation.


PREREQUISITES: To be able to use this capability, you must have purchased the Sitefinity Integration Hub add-on.

  1. Grant a user access to the Integration Hub.
    For more information, see User management.
  2. In the Management Portal, navigate to Integrations section.
  3. Open the Integration Hub.
  4. To connect your Sitefinity project to third-party systems, you have to create a connection in Workato.
    For more information, see Workato documentation » Connections.
  5. You continue by creating a Recipe.
    Recipes represent step-by-step set of actions you want to execute in response to specific triggers. For more information, see Workato documentation » Recipes design.
  6. Optionally, you can configure Actions.
    Actions are tasks that will be executed in the target application. For more information, see Workato documentation » Actions.


You can choose between two authentication types: OAuth2 or Access key.

  • If you select OAuth2, a dialog will open with the Sitefinity instance login screen.
    For more information on how to setup OAuth2 authentication, see Configure Oauth2.
  • If you opt for Access key, you must generate an access key for your user in Sitefinity and paste it into Workato.
    For more information, see Generate access key.

NOTE: If you are using an access key, make sure the user who generates the key has the minimum privileges needed. For instance, if you are only using the connection to create blog posts, only allow the user access to blog posts. If you plan to use Service hooks, the user needs to be able to create Service hooks.


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