Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 13.3.7600 (Official Release)

March 10, 2021

Dear Sitefinity CMS customers and partners! We are excited to announce the release of Sitefinity CMS 13.3. Below you will find the details about what is included in this release.

What's new in Sitefinity 13.3

Reinvented Shared Content UI

This release delivers new UI for the Shared Content module with feature parity. You now get the familiar benefits of the New UI when using the Shared Content module:

  • Easier navigation and filtering with the improved sidebar
  • The new rich text content editor
  • Bulk assign tags and categories
  • View all the pages that use a specific content block

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A new UI module to manage scheduled / background tasks

A new page in the administrative backend was added. It allows administrators to manage all scheduled tasks. They can filter and search for specific tasks, check the task status, retry failed tasks, resume and stop tasks. Other improvements include:

  • Error messages are displayed directly in the UI
  • Failed tasks are automatically restarted
  • Trace information is displayed for scheduled tasks
  • Progress bar is visualized for the search index task that displays the currently indexed content
  • There is an option to forbid scheduled tasks execution on servers

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Advanced site access management with site-specific users and site-specific settings

  • Site-specific users
    The new user groups feature enables you to create separate user groups for separate sites from the multisite instance. Such isolation in the administrative backend prevents one backend user group to access or alter the information belonging to another group. You can still have global administrators and users that can manage all sites, but also local administrators and users that can manage only specific sites.
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  • Provider reuse
    Sitefinity CMS now implements virtual providers that enable you to efficiently share and manage data sources for each content type. These virtual providers are loaded only when used for the first time and not during system startup, which improves system load times and dramatically reduces configuration entries of providers.
    This feature introduces new APIs, but the creation and use of providers should remain unchanged for users.
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  • Site-specific settings
    Each Sitefinity CMS instance has a default configurations set. Each site that belongs to this instance can now have its own, site-specific settings. These settings can be managed by global or local administrators.
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New translation connector for Lionbridge translation service

Due to API changes, the current Lionbridge Freeway and Clay Tablet translation connectors will be deprecated by the end of 2021. To continue using the services, you must configure the new Lionbridge translation connector.
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Deprecated capabilities

  • Amazon Cloud Search is no longer supported. If you have Amazon CloudSearch setup, the system status dashboard widget will report an error. We suggest configuring one of the three built-in search services instead.


What's improved

Change owner command available in AdminApp

  • You can now use the change owner command for specific content types in addition to pages.
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New samples and extension points for the AdminApp

  • Updated samples and extension points for the AdminApp
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What's fixed

New content editing experience:

  • Navigation's content tab dropdown disappears, when it is scrolled, when being on the pages list page. (433298)
  • Missing filters in Pages (Pages with No Description) (335831)
  • Content block anchor link to internal page does not work - (FP) (427923)
  • CanonicalUrlBehaviour property treated as modified always (429911)
  • Changes to related media field on pages cannot be persisted on redirect or group pages if the only change (429913)
  • Libraries permissions are dependent on the permissions of the oldest library (432947)
  • Languages dropdown field is not visible in multilingual (433302)
  • Cannot copy/reuse, a link to a media item created with the HyperLink Manager tool, in other widget's WYSIWYG editor. (434456)
  • Conditional display of address field doesn't work properly when used with choice dropdown (434983)
  • Scheduling screen freezes the UI after performing certain actions (435119)
  • Broken images after translation (435744)
  • AdminApp item preview performance issue (435896)
  • Reordering Pages duplicates the items in the modal (436108)
  • Sitefinity enables new interface for Pages module even if it is not whitelisted (437843)
  • When upload of images fail with longer message the UI is broken (437855)
  • Content block breaking links in new UI on second save. - (FP) (438762)
  • Operations request throws 500 when Module Builder module is disabled (439497)
  • URL to Detail page of media item is reverted to URL to file by content block editor (439926)
  • The provider list dropdown for dynamic modules shows providers for which the current user does not have View permissions. - (FP) (432937)
  • Validation error on a page's redirect value to an external web address. (436193)
  • Uploaded documents are losing metadata (430157)
  • Memory leak in AdminApp OData services for hierarchical content types - DefaultItemStrategy.GetReorderOperation (436858)
  • Default storage provider for libraries not respected (433361)
  • [FR] Allow editing the ordinal for custom grid columns (437180)
  • Change Owner option for all types with config setup - (AdminApp extensions documentation) (437183)
  • [FR] Provide a way to configure columns: Author, Last Modified & Created on for hierarchical types (436638)
  • Token expiration - redirect to login (437222)
  • Add config for $expand levels of nesting in OData
  • Incorrect syntax exception when accessing the Documents & Files page (428493)


  • Fixed framework detection issue for 13.2 version
  • Tag widget web service will not get items on multisite multilingual scenario
  • Fixed .csproj path references after upgrade
  • Fixed upgrade to version 13.2.7500-preview
  • Fixed messages for wrong version
  • Added Templates for 13.2
  • Upgrade: Sitefinity version detection should not include revision number
  • Upgrade command must be executed as Administrator
  • Execution Policy for running Updater.ps1 is set to Unrestricted for the current process automatically
  • Fix wrong version detection caused by Progres.Sitefinity.Renderer
  • Logging improvements (the upgrade will stop after the first fail in the powershell execution)
  • Added logic in powershell to enable upgrades for projects that have white spaces in their names
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Content widgets do not throw 404 when paging is disabled but paging parameters are used in the URL - (FP) (429231)
  • Registration widget: User input data is not validated - (FP) (429448)
  • The sf_cntrl_id parameter does not work for multiple LoginForm widgets when throwing an error (433294)
  • [DefaultValue("value")] Attribute throws error on string property (433560)
  • LoginForm does not show invalid credentials message (433842)
  • Inconsistent URLs when filtering by taxon and paging (432256)
  • Switching from Single item mode to All published does not update content locations properly (431729)
  • Updating a custom widget template of MVC widget from Design/Widget Templates screen also invalidates pages where the widget is not placed (439574)


  • Some sync tasks are executed in parallel instead of sequentially (434443)
  • Non-localizable number and datetime fields are not synced for not enabled languages for default site (434803)
  • Tasks not removed, when they are queued from single item sync (434344)
  • Items in non-default languages are not synced in the correct context (435962)


  • A/B: When browsing an AB tested page, the first request is not served from the output cache (438051)
  • Authentication: 13.1.7422 Unable to authenticate when the site is hosted on port 80 (436275)
  • Basic Settings: It is not possible to select another Database from Storage Providers when the connectionStrings are in the web.config - (FP) (437833)
  • Blogs: Permission update changes the Last modified date of all posts - (FP) (399353)
  • BlogPosts: Preview of a Draft item in a multilingual and multisite environment calls for the Master version in the AdminApp and for the Temp version in the Classic interface. - (FP) (427171)
  • Canonical meta tag is disabled for whole page if "DisableCanonicalUrlMetaTag" property of widgets is set to 'True' (434365)
  • Canonical URL - "Enable SingleItemMode widgets to modify page settings" not working as intended (434364)
  • Cloud: Timeout when the backend is loaded for the first time (436036)
  • Cloud: Redirect pages does not work properly after restart (436037)
  • Cloud: Sitefinity throws error while upgrading the system and starting on multiple NLB nodes at the same time (436035)
  • Content Block doesn't render and throws error if it contains member protected dynamic links that point to content item types. (438755)
  • Content locations: Changing priorities of content locations after upgrade is unstable (434370)
  • Content locations: Incorrect content Location when multiple widgets of the same type are on a page - (FP) (423648)
  • Content widgets: Having 2 child hierarchical taxa with the same name causes issues with content widgets when filtering and paging are used simultaneously - (FP) (432423)
  • CookieParser does not parse the SameSite attribute (438173)
  • Cookies: Unify AdminApp and classic UI token/cookie default expiration times (436891)
  • Dynamic content: Newly created Dynamic content resolves to 404 on upgraded Multilingual projects (435002)
  • Export for deployment - when all nodes are started in the same time, only the importing node has all the changes available, any other node shows nothing imported, partial import, or imported modules are inactive (436424)
  • Export for deployment - home page node id should not be updated with export for deployment (436991)
  • Export for deployment - site with changes in deployment folder starts with errors when all the nodes are started at the same time (435544)
  • Email notifications: Incorrect links for form attachments in email notifications with external blob storage providers (430679)
  • Forms: Failed form submission is not logged when there is an issue with transaction (423768)
  • Forms: Cannot edit forms after previewing (437831)
  • Lock in LibraryHttpHandler results in potential performance issues (436239)
  • Libraries: Cannot filter folders from the image widget's designer after upload. (437938)
  • Media: Missing thubnails for translated videos stored in Azure storage (435655)
  • Media: Links to other pages in MVC Image widget not resolved correctly in multisite with single global language (432500)
  • Pages: Orphan pages when deleting a site (436602)
  • Pages: Switching templates from different resource packages breaks revision history for page (439530)
  • Precompilation tool: Precompiling multilingual site shows the default language output in all languages (434018)
  • Redis: Sitefinity not reconnecting to Redis when connection is temporarily lost (436238)
  • ReturnUrl in custom solution might interfere with the Sitefinity ReturnUrl (400851)
  • Scheduling: Opening scheduled dialog and then pressing cancel locks the actions buttons (435448)
  • SF_Chunks table not removing entries when item is deleted or moved to new storage(Port to 12.2) (435265)
  • Sitemap generator throws exception when there is a dynamic module with name "Events" (368901)
  • Sitemap: content not included in sitemap if page is not translated in default language (436713)
  • Tag widget web service will not get items on multisite multilingual scenario (345695)
  • Translation: MS Translator connector breaks images in non-Latin language (437291)
  • Widgets are displayed in the wrong location when the page is being previewed - (FP) (432214)
  • Widgets: High memory usage / memory leak issue caused by output file cache dependencies of MVC Widgets (439462)
  • Enable SiteShield for all websites (per environment) (440090)

Developer Tools updates:

  • TelerikUI for ASP.NET AJAX updated to 2021.1.119.45
  • TelerikUI for WPF updated to 2021.1.119.45
  • Kendo UI updated to 2021.1.119
  • jQuery updated to 3.5.1
  • Microsoft.AspNet.Cors updated to 5.2.7
  • Microsoft.Azure.Search updated to 5.0.3
  • Microsoft.Azure.Search.Common updated to 5.0.3
  • Microsoft.Azure.Search.Data updated to 5.0.3
  • Microsoft.Azure.Search.Service updated to 5.0.3
  • Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime updated to 2.3.17
  • Microsoft.Rest.ClientRuntime.Azure updated to 3.3.18
  • System.ComponentModel.Annotations 5.0.0
  • AWSSDK.Core updated to
  • AWSSDK.DynamoDBv2 updated to 3.5.2
  • AWSSDK.S3 updated to
  • AWSSDK.SQS updated to
  • System.Threading.Tasks.Extensions added 4.5.4
  • System.Linq.Async added 4.1.1
  • Microsoft.Bcl.AsyncInterfaces added 1.1.0
  • monaco-editor (used by AdminApp) updated to 0.21.2

API and DB Changes

API Changes

  • The full list of API changes is available here.

Database Changes

  • Full list of database changes is available here.

Known Issues

  • When adding a new user group for a site, an error is thrown on the users screen in the backend administration. Fix will be available in the first patch of Sitefinity CMS v.13.3

  • Changes in the name of sitefinity-adminapp-sdk package dependency used by Sitefinity Admin App Extensions. For more details check out backward compatibility notes.

    AdminApp InsightExtensions is not working in projects installed or upgraded through Sitefinity CMS Project Manager (Bug #441948). Fix is scheduled for fixing in Sitefinity 13.3.7622.0 patch

Progress Sitefinity Team

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