Sitefinity Release Notes

Sitefinity CMS 13.2.7500 (Official Release)

December 08, 2020

Dear Sitefinity CMS customers and partners! We are excited to announce the release of Sitefinity CMS 13.2. Below you will find the details about what is included in this release.

What's new in Sitefinity 13.2

New videos management interface

The Videos module is now a part of the new content UI. All existing capabilities and functions from the old UI are retained. A number of new features and improvements were added, such as:

  • Ability to search within all folders and libraries

  • Improved side navigation menu with quick navigation that allows easy access to folders and files

  • Improved reordering experience with a simple drag and drop

  • Improved filtering directly from the side menu with an overview of filter results and the ability to add more filter criteria
  • Automatic thumbnail generation from the first frame of the video

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Media search 

The new media search is now available for all media types (images, videos, and documents) in the new content UI. You can search by title, tag, category, and URL. The best part - we are now using the Backend search index we introduced in this version. To be able to use the more comprehensive search, navigate to Administration > Search indexes and Reindex the Backend search.

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Media usage based on content locations, content links, and backend search

Knowing where media is used is extremely important for content editors. You can now get comprehensive information about where media is used or linked to including in content blocks, long-text fields, and many more. To use this feature, reindex the Backend search index.

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Image margins in the rich-text editor

You can now specify image margins in the new rich-text editor. The image margins are applied in real time when you edit content. To specify image margins, insert an image in the content editor and click it to open the Image properties dialogue.

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Keyboard shortcuts support in the New UI

We have added a number of new keyboard shortcuts to improve the efficiency and productivity of content editors:

  • Press Alt+N when editing a content item to create a new item.
  • Press Ctrl+Enter to confirm the main, highlighted action in the window.
  • Press Esc to clear selection.

We have also added a keyboard shortcut reference page, accessible via the user menu.

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Customizable widget designers for .NET MVC and .NET Core

Sitefinity CMS now autogenerates multiple types of properties in the widget designers for both .NET Core and .NET MVC. With their help developers deliver complex business requirements for widget configuration with no coding. For advanced marketing scenarios, widget designers also support full customization.

In Sitefinity CMS, the autogenerated widget designers for the .NET MVC and .NET Core widgets are based on a common framework, which is extracted into the Progress.Sitefinity.Renderer assembly. This assembly holds all the common types and attributes to help you customize autogenerated widget designers for both frameworks.

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Enhanced MVC Forms Widgets

We added an extra set of fields for the MVC-based forms in Sitefinity - State, Country, Confirmation and Date that enable more efficient user interactions and collect more granular data.

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Status widget warning for not configured or expired signing certificate

The status widget on the Dashboard now warns you if your authentication token signing certificate has not been configured or has expired. Additional information is provided for these warnings in the error logs.

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Enhanced License information page

The Version and Licensing page now provides additional information about your license.

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What's improved

Sitefinity CLI supports upgrades from Sitefinity 10 and above

Sitefinity CLI now supports upgrades to the latest version for projects running on Sitefinity CMS 10.0 and later.
These upgrades automatically install NuGet packages, handle references, binding redirects, and framework updates.

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New API for handling attempted access to resources by authenticated but unauthorized user

We have added the IForbiddenPageAccessEvent event. You use this event to handle access to protected Sitefinity CMS resources by users who are authenticated but not authorized for these resources.

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New events for managing forum post attachments

We have added events which you can use in your code to handle the cases where your site users add or delete attachments to forum posts.

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WebTestRunner and integration tests project updates for latest Sitefinity version.

The Integration Tests sample project contains integration tests that you can run with the web test runner.

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Ability to restore page content when switching a standard page to redirect and then turn it back to standard.

Creating a redirect page from a standard page no longer clears the contents of the standard page and can easily be restored back to normal.

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What's fixed

New content editing experience:

  • AdminApp: Slow page load on edit page for child items -  (FP)
  • Admin App: Content Block Editor Breaks sf-html-field In Widget Editor -  (FP)
  • AdminApp: The value of a custom Keywords field is not displayed in Edit view -  (FP)
  • AdminApp: Forms designer redirects to backend Login page when using SWT with Windows SSO -  (FP)
  • AdminApp: "Select a parent page" error when "On top level" is selected - (424097)
  • AdminApp: Disabling the module through the SystemConfig.config file crashes the w3wp process when editing/creating forms - (428001)
  • AdminApp: It is no longer possible to add extra segments to the Url of a link-to-a-page in the AdminApp ContentBlock -  (FP)
  • AdminApp Extensions Modify column header for Identifier fields - (427924)
  • AdminApp Extensions: Change Detection triggered on every mouse move in custom Fields- (427924)
  • AdminApp: Analytics requests being made for child page nodes when Analytics module is off - (429014)
  • AdminApp: unable to log in using standalone version - (426293)
  • Admin App: After hiding an event default field, the screen remains blank - (FP)
  • Autogenerated widget property editors: Min, Max, Range and StringLength throw error if an error message is not added -  (FP)
  • Autogenerated widget property editors: EmailAddressAttribute shows not formatted message when ErrorMessage is not added -  (FP)
  • Autogenerated widget property editors: UrlAttribute shows not formatted message when ErrorMessage is not added -  (FP)
  • Autogenerated widget property editors: In the error message of StringLength the placeholders are not the same as in an MVC project -  (FP)
  • Autogenerated widget properties: findRegistration from AdminApp extensions isn't fired for sf-choice items -  (FP)
  • Is it possible to restrict the user to create or update the page with URL "/" -  (FP)
  • Embed tool adds fixed width and height to the wrapping div element -  (FP)
  • Error is thrown on uploading a media file from related data when workflow is set for the media type - (425519)
  • Missing Move operation if you have just one item in the library - (427473)
  • Identifier Value missing in errors modal - (427926)
  • Publishing items before it is locked throws an error - (428268)

  • Bulk edit of library properties modal is displayed after selecting multiple images from the timeline view - (424387)

  • Saving as draft a scheduled image shows the schedule notification in any video or library screen - (427466)
  • Clicking publish twice throws DB error - (429096)
  • Pages: Not loading child pages while selecting the parent page for a newly created page. - (FP)
  • Translation actions in Edit view remain visible even when all content type fields are not localizable - (427922)
  • Long text type field does not display instruction text - (427925)
  • Having multiple scheduled tasks in the Libraries page, produces a glitch when scrolling. - (429044)
  • Analytics n+1 problem - (429257)
  • Publish button not locked after first click, immediately after another publish being made - (429375)
  • Error is thrown on saving content block with edited url - (429908)
  • Menu toolbar is disabled after selecting pages/items displaying from edit content item - (430095)
  • Pages screen - expanding children missing loading indicator - (430316)
  • Library is locked while regenerating thumbnails task is active/stopped/failed - (429353)
  • Cannot clear value of non-required Address field and persist the changes - (430469)
  • SiteSync: Publish and sync a page and try to edit content block after that an error message is thrown: Page is not locked. - (432513)
  • Virtualize pages tree - (431860)
  • Revision history link appears in the actions menu of Redirect and Group pages - (430070)
  • Cannot clear value of non-required Address field and persist the changes - (430469)
  • Languages dropdown field is not visible in multilingual - (433302)
  • Library in regeneration cannot be opened in thumbs view - (432682)
  • Cannot edit content blocks after publishing the page in more than one language using a synced strategy - (432779)
  • When on Pages grid, Administration menu disappears on scroll (433328)
  • Default storage provider for libraries is not respected (433361)

Dynamic module

  • Comments: "Row not found ... " error appears when commenting on a dynamic item which provider is other than Default -  (FP)
  • Duplicate Categories field can be created for Dynamic module -  (FP)
  • Dynamic module item preview throws an error if an item with the same URL exists in the RecycleBin -  (FP)


  • Creating a form with MetaField Language renders the site unable to start -  (FP)
  • Custom system email templates for forms not working in sites with single language - (426638)

  • Form cannot be submitted when having a required hidden file upload field -  (FP)
  • Forms - Changed success message is not displayed after form submit (362347)
  • Form responses cannot open when Content page url is changed - (FP)
  • Forms cannot be edited when using Forms authentication - (FP)
  • Setting "Raise event in Marketo" is not respected when you submit non external form - (358671)


  • Replacing an image with thumbnails does not delete old thumbnails in old UI - (432259)
  • Embed code generated for images not using "Alternative text" field - (429856)
  • Few images show white borders on thumbnails - (FP)
  • View Permissions of images stored in external blob storage are not respected - (400142)
  • Unable to view images stored in Azure storage account pointing to a private container - (FP)


  • Additional URLs broken after upgrade to 13.1 - (432925)
  • Cannot delete translated media items when corresponding language is removed for the site - (426995)
  • Pages Multilingual: Expanding page tree is very slow - (428895)
  • [Migration] Cannot migrate media in multilingual when migrating to non-default site -  (FP)
  • Multilingual: Documents` folders Edit view is misleading - (FP)
  • ML Dynamic module name is empty in navigation when you change the site default culture - (429528)
  • ML Upgrade: Broken image reference in edit screen after upgrade - (430506)
  • ML Upgrade Adding second language after upgrade to 13.1 breaks the backend UI - (432367)


  • MVC Content Pager not working when filtering by RelatedData -  (FP)
  • BreadCrumb MVC widget throws an error when enable virtual nodes for custom dynamic widget -  (FP)
  • Search in MVC page selector throws an error in large scale project (427610)
  • IFormValidatingEvent ValidationException not shown when using MVC Form widget - (FP)
  • MVC Login widget removes detail item URL parameters when successful or unsuccessful login attempt is made from a detail view - (FP)
  • MVC widgets are misplaced in Edit, when there is a Grid widget on the page template - (FP)
  • User not logged out completely when using the inline editing Log out option on MVC page - (429459)


  • Pages: Adding symbol code to page title when creating page does not show in the tab on the frontend - (361608)

  • Pages: Link parser does not resolve links of pages created before 7.0 -  (FP)
  • Group Page opens instead of the clicked child page. - (FP)
  • When switching a standard page to redirect or group and then turn it back to standard the page content is lost - (429043)
  • Child page permissions affecting the parent group page. (429104)
  • Raise IForbiddenPageAccessEvent when a logged in user tries to access a restricted page - (430585)


  • SiteSync Migration Mode Cannot sync items when target uses "Use all languages enabled for the system" - (426468)
  • SiteSync Migration Mode Detailed view of images returns 404 - (426853)
  • SiteSync Migration Image in ContentBlock not rendering after migration - (426422)
  • Redirect and Group page do not load for sync via Migration -  (FP)
  • Sitesync: Taxonomy statistics for pages are not taken into account on the Target site - (FP)
  • SiteSync: Cannot migrate segments from single to multisite - (FP)


  • Additional URL is not redirecting to the default url of the document but to the home page when using CDN -  (FP)
  • Additional URLs broken after upgrade to 13.1 (432925)
  • Alert message thrown when adding a tag by typing it in the "Tags" field in edit mode of an item. -  (FP)
  • Alternative publishing:Publishing content from a feed stalls a site - (423205)
  • Authentication: Failed login when ext. auth. prov. and Ldap are used - (405147)
  • Basic profile: Unable to hide the Avatar field in the basic profile. - (FP)
  • Card widget internal/external page url radio button not working - (295227)
  • Card widget with link to a restricted page throws an error -  (FP)
  • CDN page cache: Delayed CDN page cache invalidation in times during heavy editing - (433147)
  • Classification filter is removed after pagination when using UrlEvaluationMode as 'QueryString' -  (FP)
  • CLI: Sitefinity CLI does not open the latest Visual Studio version installed on the machine - (428090)
  • Content Blocks: Insert Link Toolbox URL and Link Text fields are misplaced -  (FP)
  • Content Blocks: Pasted plain text is removed if an embed link pasted along with plain text -  (FP)
  • Custom grid widget: Error when saving a custom grid widget with spaces in the value of data-sf-element - (FP)
  • Eloqua: Unable to change tracking script of Eloqua connector to use first party cookies - (FP)
  • EmailCampaigns: Unsubscribe page selected is not refreshed - (FP)
  • Export for Deployment does not export field description - (FP)
  • Healthcheck: Filter healthcheck logs to log only failed requests by default - (429598)
  • Item shown as locked when current user closes and reopens it - (432763)
  • Language Pack: Cannot create OpenGraph fields if the backend language is changed via Language Pack - (FP)
  • Lists: WebForms List widget does not invalidate cache -  (FP)
  • MC Translator connector: Sending items for translations, over 5k characters, sometimes hangs the item in Sent for Translation status. - (427565)
  • Media: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" when accessing media content pages (images/documents/videos) - (389377)
  • Media: Some content locations are missing from the list of "Pages where items are shown" - (426322)
  • Media: Document with authenticated permissions can still be viewed after logging out - (FP)
  • Media files entries not removed from database when switching storage provider - (FP)
  • Multisite: Unable to submit comments in multisite setup with subfolders -  (FP)
  • Multisite: Logout on the home page does not work through the Inline editing menu -  (FP)
  • OData services: Add support for nested $expand and $select (432933)
  • Open Graph Description: Error when exceeding 255 characters -  (FP)
  • Personalization: HubSpot Score properties with decimal point do not respect culture - (424985)
  • Publish and sync operations executed in parallel fail - (433102)
  • Navigate to Marketing -> Personalization -> View site as fails to load - (432210)
  • Precompiler tool - compiles Pages from recycle bin - (426520)
  • Relative URL: When entering a URL of an external Web address, Sitefinity does not allow relative URLs -  (FP)
  • Search: Backend Search Bar does not clear selected items from previous search - (FP)
  • Search: Performance optimization on the frontend search when there are many content locations for the items returned in the search result page (433915)
  • Site map: Performance issue after creating a page, related to not optimized site map cache invalidation - (430869)
  • Webhook: Sitefinity crashes when webhook url does not contain protocol - (429444)
  • Widget designer: Sitefinity styles override custom inline styles in widget designers in the backend -  (FP)
  • Widget designer: Data Source dropdown has a limit of 50 items - (426469)
  • Widget designer: Close button of edit widget dialog is broken - (430675)
  • Zone Editor: Title nested in an svg tag that is nested in an anchor tag breaks the Zone Editor -  (FP)
  • Improper filtering based on classification with pagination of content items

Developer Tools updates:

  • .Net 4.8 Framework support introduced
  • ServiceStack updated to version 5.9.2
  • Progress KendoUI updated to version 2020.3.915
  • Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX updated to version 2020.3.915.45
  • Telerik UI for WPF updated to version 2020.3.915.45
  • HtmlSanitizer updated to version 5.0.353
  • Added support for MySQL 5.7.31 
  • Microsoft Edge support available for the new content UI


  • SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 are no longer supported. These versions are past the Microsoft's extended support and may be insecure. We recommend that you upgrade to one of the supported versions of SQL Server or migrate to Azure SQL Service.

API and DB Changes

When you upgrade monolingual projects to 13.2 make sure to reindex all front-end indexes as the culture field for each record in the index is now populated. If the indexes are not reindexed, they could return two records for the same item - one with culture and one without.

API Changes 

  • The full list of API changes is available  here.

Database Changes 

  • Full list of database changes is available here.

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