Lead scoring reports


Each lead scoring type you create accumulates data about rules and contacts associated with it. Sitefinity Insight provides you with lead scoring type dashboard from which you get a complete overview and detailed report about your lead scoring type, who did what, how many points they scored for each rule. You can derive meaningful conclusions, based on data and the metrics you set, about trends and progress of your marketing efforts.

Reports are updated daily. Some reports represent historical trends, and some show a snapshot of the current day.

NOTE: When you add or remove a lead scoring stage or change the threshold of a stage, in the top right corner of the report you can see Redefined on, giving you information when and by whom was the lead scoring type definition modified.

Lead scoring summary

To see a summary of lead scoring types that you created, navigate to Analytics » Lead Scoring. For each lead scoring type, a diagram visualizes the total visitors, associated with this type, as well as how visitors are distributed among the lead scoring type stages. You can click on each of the lead scoring types and see its detailed report.

To see a list and comparison of all rules, click View all scoring rules. For more information, see Add and compare lead scoring rules.

Lead scoring type report

On the lead scoring type report you can see:

Options for managing the lead scoring type

To manage the current lead scoring type, click More options (More options).
The following actions are available:

  • View definition
    Displays the description of the lead scoring type that you entered when creating the scoring type.
  • Edit lead scoring type
    You use this option to edit the name and description of the lead scoring type, as well as its stages and their thresholds.
  • Delete
    You use this option to delete this lead scoring type.

You can choose the time range for which you want to see reports. To do this, use the dropdown box located below the title.

PREREQUISITES: The Custom range option is available only to customers with paid subscriptions. To upgrade, contact Sitefinity Sales.

Visitors per stage

This report gives you a snapshot of how all your visitors are distributed to the engagement stages of this lead scoring type. The report also includes unknown visitors.

NOTE: Only visitors that passed thresholds of stages of this scoring type are included in this report.

For example:

Visitors per page

In the report above, you derive the following information about visitors and the first stage threshold:

  • 72 visitors passed the threshold.
  • 75% of all visitors passed the threshold.
  • 12 out of all 72 visitors that passed the threshold are contacts, that is, they are not anonymous visitors.

Threshold passes

The graph illustrates the number of visitors that passed any stage threshold in a time range you specify, that is, the “movement” of visitors from stage to stage. If a visitor passes in one day three stages, for example, the visitor accounts for the graphs of all three stages.

If you have defined more than one engagement stage, you can select the stages for which the graph displays the trend, so that you compare and analyze specific stages. To do so, click Change (Change). By hovering over the graph, you can see the number of visitors that passed the stage’s threshold for the selected time period.

Threshold passes

In the graph above, only FirstStage and ThirdStage are visible.


All rules associated to this lead scoring type are part of the report. Rules are listed along with their conditions. You can sort rules by:

  • Highest or lowest points earned altogether by visitors for this rule
  • Highest or lowest total number of hits by visitors

You can compare the rules associated with this lead scoring type with rules for all scoring types as well.


All contacts that completed some activity defined by a rule related to the current leads scoring type are listed under Contacts. If the lead scoring type has more than one stages, you can sort contacts by:

  • The stage whose threshold contacts passed.
  • The timeframe the selection applies for.
  • The highest or lowest amount of points earned by a contact.

For each contact, you can see the contact’s current engagement stage in this lead scoring type, as well as the points the contact earned.

You can export the list of contacts if you want to use them in a workflow in another system, for example, Eloqua.

PREREQUISITES: To export contacts data, your account must have permission to work with personally identifiable information.
For more information, see Manage Personally identifiable information.

To export contacts, click Export contacts.
The Preparing CSV file prompt appears.
Sitefinity Insight is preparing the full list of contacts matching your criteria. After the process completes, your browser automatically downloads the CSV file containing the contacts.

NOTE: If the search results list is long, processing the CSV file may take several minutes.

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