SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Machine Translation for Sitefinity

Machine Translation Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Improve Global Productivity with Intelligent Content Translation

SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server is a secured, end-to-end software solution which uses artificial intelligence to translate manuals, procedures, reports, product and support information, content applications, websites, chat, emails, audio files, and more. Reduce translation costs, drive multilingual collaboration, and automate processes with SYSTRAN Pure Neural® for Sitefinity.

Over 140 Language Combinations for Seamless Translation

  • State of the Art Neural Technology
    This technology enables your SYSTRAN integration to learn, generate the rules of a language from a given translated text, and produce a translation to the caliber of a non-native speaker.
  • Compliance with Data Privacy Regulation
    SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server can be installed securely on-premise or be hosted by SYSTRAN in a private and secured cloud. This secured architecture guarantees privacy and safety and complies with internal security policies.
  • Integration with Your Business Processes
    Easily deploy on any corporate intranet or extranet. SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server supports unlimited user access, millions of translations per day, and seamlessly integrates with any business application and document workflow.
  • Scalable Architecture
    Quickly translate large volumes with a scalable architecture that delivers fast translations, granting you additional time to review, analyze, and produce a winning business strategy.