Section Presets:
The Next Level in
Marketer Self-service

Take content editing to the next level with page layout presets based on section widgets, which can be reused across multiple ASP.NET Core pages. Go to market faster with page building that's never been easier.

Codeless Page Building for Content Editors

Want to spin up landing pages like a pro, become a personalization whiz or experiment with different layouts to drive the message home? Page building has never been easier - and that means a lot coming from the standard-setter in content management ease of use.

Save and reuse to make a difference. It only takes a few clicks and no coding at all. A new level of marketer independence and content editor productivity. Reuse the content that works - make time to work on more content you’d love to reuse.

Section Presets are available in the ASP.NET Core renderer - one more reason to give this future-proof toolset a try. Build your frontend and deliver high-performance, scalable multichannel experiences on the latest .NET technology.


Content Editing Benefits

Section Presets are reusable page blocks, enabling content editors to quickly repurpose existing layouts across pages. Designed to reduce complexity, shorten time to market and help content creators overdeliver without getting overtasked. Reshape, reuse, repurpose.
  • Marketer Independence and Self-service
  • Visual and Structural Integrity
  • Flexibility and Short Time to Market
  • High Productivity and Low Maintenance

Get Ahead and Stay Ahead with ASP.NET Core

Sitefinity offers a decoupled ASP.NET Core renderer and a complete frontend development suite.


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