Lionbridge Connector for Sitefinity

Multilanguage Content Made Simple

Deliver Content to a Global Audience

Lionbridge allows users to easily select content for translation, choose one or many target languages, add-job specific information and send content out to be translated. Lionbridge automatically receives the file and creates a translation job. The translation is then returned via the Connector, and the content is updated on the target pages.


Deliver a Consistent and High-Quality Customer Experience

  • Optimize Your Website for a Global Audience
    Seamlessly connect to best-in-class translation and localization services for all languages, formats, and asset types.
  • Deliver Global Brand Consistency
    Tailor relevant messaging for every single local audience to ensure brand consistency and improve brand awareness across the globe.
  • Personalize Content for Local Audiences
    Ensure end-to-end content lifecycle support for high volumes of localization work across multiple channels.
  • Future Proof Your Operations
    The Lionbridge connector for Sitefinity is the first of its kind to be certified against the updated Lionbridge REST APIs.