Lionbridge Connector for Sitefinity

Lionbridge Connector for Sitefinity

Global Content Translation Made Simple

Seamlessly Translate Content for Your Global Audience

Lionbridge allows users to easily select content for translation, choose one or many target languages, add-job specific information and send content out to be translated. Lionbridge automatically receives the file and creates a translation job. Content is then translated and sent back through the Connector, where the target pages are populated with the translated content.

Ensure a Consistent and High-Quality Customer Experience

  • Optimize Your Website for a Global Audience

    Seamlessly connect to best-in-class translation and localization services for all languages, formats, and asset types.

  • Deliver Global Brand Consistency

    Tailor the same relevant message for every single local audience to ensure brand consistency and improve brand awareness across the globe.

  • Improve Translation Oversight and ROI

    Users experience up to 60% reduction in localization turnaround times.

  • Personalize Content for Local Audiences

    Ensure end-to-end content lifecycle support for high volumes of localization work across multiple channels.