Regional Data Centers: Where will my Sitefinity Cloud subscription be provisioned?

The locations where Sitefinity Cloud can be provisioned are listed in the tables below:

 Region 1
US Central US (Iowa)
East US (Virginia)
East US 2 (Virginia)
North Central US (Illinois)
South Central US (Texas)
West US 2 (Washington)
West Central US (Wyoming)
West US (California)
West Europe North Europe (Ireland)
West Europe (Netherlands)
East Asia / Singapore East Asia (Hong Kong)
Southeast Asia (Singapore)
Canada Canada Central (Toronto)

 Region 2
India Central India (Pune)
Japan and Korea Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama)
Japan West (Osaka)
Korea Central (Seoul)
Australia & UK Australia East (New South Wales)
UK South (London)
UAE UAE North (Dubai)

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