Why can't the Sitefinity configuration be edited directly in the Admin UI for Staging and Production environments in Sitefinity Cloud?

To ensure consistency across environments and in line with the best practices for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in Sitefinity Cloud, the Sitefinity configurations are in read-only file system mode. This means that changes to the file system configuration need to be made on the local development environment and then promoted across Sitefinity Cloud environments via the CI/CD pipeline.

Starting with Sitefinity 14.3.8022, customers can specify which configurations, sections, or properties should be editable directly on Sitefinity Cloud environments. The changes are applied at runtime, stored in the database and can be persisted even if the DB is replaced.

For more information on managing configurations in Sitefinity Cloud, refer to the following documentation article: Manage the configurations - Sitefinity CMS Develop and Deploy (progress.com).

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