How often are page views/API calls usage calculated?

Page views and annual quotas are assessed yearly, allowing customers to offset their peak usage in one or more months and spread it across the entire billing cycle.  


Instead of calculating the overages every month based on the predefined quota, usage is also assessed annually. The result is a model offering Sitefinity Cloud offering flexibility and enables our customers to handle peaks in traffic for certain months and settle their balance at the end of the billing cycle. To illustrate this, if your website exceeds the quota in March by 200,000 page views but due to seasonality, you do not reach your quota in August, your peak usage will be offset by the lower resource utilization in the summer. If you regularly exceed tier quota for page views or API calls, by 200,000 units each month, you will be asked to either prepay the difference or settle the balance at the end of the billing cycle. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your service to a higher tier. 

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