Do Sitefinity Cloud customers have access to the utilized Azure services?

Access to the website/database is restricted within Azure's permissions. Progress employees and customers do not have access to the web application and database/s. The customer can permit such access in a rare event where Progress employees need to intervene manually. Access to the staging environment is restricted on firewall level by IP/s whitelist. By default, users have access to database backups with obfuscated PII for local website development/debugging.

Other than that, Sitefinity Cloud customers can access the following Azure resources:

  • Blob Storage containers with database backups
  • Database backups created via the AcquireDatabaseBackup pipeline are stored in dedicated Azure Blob Storage containers. The following documentation article provides details on how to access the Sitefinity Cloud database backups.

  • Application Insights with logs from the application
  • The logs from the Sitefinity application are persisted in Application Insights. The following documentation article provides details on how to access the Sitefinity Cloud application logs in Application Insights.

  • Search Services (read access)
  • Sitefinity Cloud has the Azure Search Service set up as the default search service in Sitefinity. It allows you to directly inspect the content inside the search indexes using the search explorer in the Azure portal, as well as configure different scoring profiles for the search index, which can be used from the Sitefinity application.

  • Application Metrics Dashboards
  • A set of predefined dashboards in the Azure portal enabling customers to monitor their project’s key application metrics. The dashboards can be accessed through the links on the Overview page of the project in your Azure DevOps organization.

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