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UI and UX Design Services

Leverage solution experts to help craft the ideal user experience for your application.

Why UI/UX Design Services from Progress?

You already rely on award-winning Progress® and Telerik® tools. You can also rely on Progress experts for your UI/UX needs. We’ll tackle any size project and help you focus it, teach you how use our tools, collaborate with your team, or even tackle the entire project for you if needed. Here’s some of what Progress can do for you:

  • Conduct workshops to focus projects on the essentials of what, why and for whom
  • Ensure you have the proper framework to achieve your goals through a comprehensive architecture review
  • Define user personas to focus development on features that users want and need
  • Design, prototype and perform usability tests
  • Create custom features to provide unique value to your business
  • Review and test—regression testing, customized regression suites, unit testing and application testing
  • Deliver actionable recommendations to improve user experience quality and performance

Augment your staff with our professional development team, or let us drive the entire project. Either way, you’ll get the UI/UX support you need and faster and more efficient development and deployment.

User Experience and User Interface


What happens when customers access your application? Do they easily navigate it with a few touchscreen taps, remarking on its beauty, quickly finding what they need? If not, it might be time to refresh your user interface (UI) to optimize the user experience (UX).  


  • UI: The visual appearance of an application. Good UI is both attractive and accessible.
  • UX: The flow of your application journey. It includes how users navigate through the screens or steps needed to interact with your application. Good UX leaves users with a positive impression of your company and its application.

If your company needs help with your user experience, a modern user interface might be the ticket. Progress offers elegant UI/UX Design Services. This powerful toolset offers everything needed to build web and mobile apps with HTML5/JavaScript. Furthermore, your apps will include responsive design, a variety of mobile controls and an offline data solution.

Interested in UI/UX Design Services?

"We had limited knowledge and experience in critical areas, and the Progress Services team helped guide us towards the best solution for our business."

SOURCE: TechValidate
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