Deliver Superior Customer
Self-Service With Cognitive

Use an AI-powered self-service chatbot to deliver
customer service excellence.

NativeChat named “Innovative Product of the Year” by Computerworld Bulgaria for its application at Dr. Shterev Hospital where a bot now handles 49% of all hospital appointments.

The Challenge

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service With
Limited Headcount

Customer service personnel are swamped in mundane activities and basic transactions. Customers face long wait times or have to wade through endless support threads. What’s needed is a chatbot that can handle the routine tasks that bog down your staff.

the Solution

NativeChat—A Cognitive Chatbot That Can Learn

Progress® NativeChat is an innovative artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying purpose-built chatbots for transactional use cases. A NativeChat bot can take the pressure off customer support teams by handling the repetitive and routine, leaving your staff free for the interactions that delight and retain customers.

Reduce call center cost and workload

Boost call center agent performance by 33% and handle greater volume.

Increase revenues

Execute more self-service transactions across social media, mobile and web channels.

Superior customer experiences

Focus human customer support where human interaction is needed for improved NPS, CSAT, effectiveness scores and lower churn rates.

Broaden brand reach

Increase your competitive edge and relevancy by deploying cutting-edge technology that functions effectively on the channels customer


Progress NativeChat can transform customer service interactions across:



  • Help customers navigate various credit offerings and find the ideal product
  • Negotiate late payments and arrears
  • Help customers on the go find ATMs


  • Allow patients to book appointments with ease and accuracy
  • Foster patient health with medication reminders and tips on healthy living


  • Enable customer self-service for claims, renewals and more, with a level of personalization that goes far beyond static web forms.

How it Works


1. Understand Input

The NativeChat Natural Language Engine supports dynamic training on top of existing enterprise data—like product info, company or contact names. Then it detects these entities, extracts the user intent and passes them to the Cognitive Flow.

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2. Process

NativeChat analyzes the current conversation, long-term bot memory and the goals defined by you. Then it dynamically generates the conversation flow on each user input.  


3. Deliver Response

NativeChat requests needed data from internal systems like SalesForce, Microsoft SharePoint or any API. Then it displays the response in the user's channel of choice.

Get a Working Chatbot in Two Weeks

We’ve made it easy to learn if a cognitive chatbot is the right fit for your enterprise. Progress will build you a proof-of-concept chatbot in just two weeks.

Custom-built chatbot

We'll talk to you about your use case and requirements. Then we'll build a chatbot for you—integrated with your systems and deployed to your channels.

Up and running
in two weeks

In two weeks (or less) we'll build a chatbot that you can beta test with your colleagues, management and customers.

No risk engagement

You get your POC chatbot for a fixed price and within a fixed timeframe. No surprises or long-term commitments.

Best practices & consulting

As part of your Proof of Concept, you’ll get free consultation and chatbot best practices advice.

Success Story

Dr. Shterev Hospital

A hospital in Bulgaria with more than 500 daily calls from patients needed to automate some of its most frequent tasks. They reduced the call center’s workload by 30% and improved customer satisfaction with 24/7 appointment services—all with a chatbot.

Read the story

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Deliver superior customer experiences—empower customers to talk with chatbots just like they would with a human on the channel of their choice.