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Self-service. Smart Automation. Multichannel.

The Cognitive Chatbot Development Platform.

The Challenge

Optimize Key Workflows. Automate the
First Line of Support. Serve Customers 24/7.

Effortlessly pivot by adopting digital over in-person. Offer efficient self-service to both customers and employees. Embrace omnichannel.

Meaningful Conversations and Stellar Customer Service

Make Chatbots Your Competitive Advantage

Chatbot for Fin Serv

Chatbot for Financial Services

Get an AI edge on the competition and provide a 24/7 self-service to customers.

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Chatbot for Healthcare

Chatbot for Healthcare

Streamline patient care with a secure and regulatory-compliant chatbot solution.

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Chatbot for B2E

Chatbot for B2E

Automate workflows. Onboard, engage and enable employees in real time, anywhere.

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the Solution

Why NativeChat?

NativeChat is a chatbot building platform that allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks by using natural language interfaces. It provides a rich developer toolset and is extremely flexible in terms of deployment and integration with voice and conversational platforms.

Powerful and Intuitive Toolset

Stellar time to market with an innovative in-house bot engine. Programming-language agnostic, low-code implementations.

Business User-Friendly

Tap a new communication channel and model the visitor journey with a chatbot that’s easy to train and configure.

Multichannel. Multilingual. Personalized.

Deliver always-on, tailored experiences to visitors. A true multi-channel medium with a wealth of supported languages.


A Chatbot Builder that Talks the Talk

Powerful Toolset. AI Engine. Multichannel Support.

Nobody needs an answering machine. The NativeChat bot engine lets you generate a natural conversation flow with clearly set goals. Build cognitive bots that adapt to context.

Smart slot filling algorithm with automation rules helps define the next best step based on the user input. Query enterprise backend systems to provide relevant information.

Cloud-native architecture. Multi-tenant to quickly set-up and evaluate. Single tenant for tightened security, enterprise features and dedicated infrastructure. Active Directory integration.

SSO, two-factor authentication and AD integration. Data security in transit and at rest. End-to-end encryption. SOC2 certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. Secure connectivity via mutual TLS.

Innovative in-house bot engine. Up and running in two weeks. JSON data format and low-code implementations. Single code base deployable on multiple platforms.

NativeChat provides flexible REST API integration and samples on how to connect to your existing software infrastructure to deliver personalized user experiences.

Managed platform with guaranteed maintenance and upgrades. High concurrence. Built-in tools for fast development: auto-completion, code snippets, code validation and debugging.

Develop once and deploy across platforms. Bot logic and training are the same, NativeChat handles the presentation specifics. Rich UI controls for multiple channels.

Full control over sensitive and PII data. SOC2 and HIPAA certified, GDPR compliant platform guarantees the security and privacy of sensitive personal and health-related information.

Personalized demos and technical knowledge sharing. Early access and personalized guidance to kickstart chatbot development with the NativeChat Pilot Program.

Backed by AI. Delivered by People.

The right place to start exploring chatbot development, whether you have a chat use case that you want to reality test or are ready to dive right in. It’s easy to get started and grow with NativeChat. Backed by Progress, you can count on reliable support and all the resources you need to get the best out of the NativeChat cognitive chatbot platform.

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Get early access and personalized guidance to kickstart chatbot development with the NativeChat Pilot Program.

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