Self-Service: A Modern Competitive Advantage

Our AI-powered chatbot automates tasks and information retrieval

Keep your employees informed in times of crisis. Automate the HR responses to FAQs with a chatbot.

The Challenge

Empowering Users Without Adding Staff

Why do users avoid your applications and Frequently Asked Questions? Modern users expect speedy resolution 24/7 across web, mobile, voice and other channels and won't read or sift through large blocks of text. Thus, support center staff get overwhelmed with mundane, simple tasks—leaving less time for complex cases. What's more, you pay more when users use more expensive paths like phone calls, or email.

the Solution

NativeChat—the Cognitive Chatbot That Never Sleeps

Progress® NativeChat is an innovative artificial intelligence-driven platform for creating and deploying purpose-built chatbots. A NativeChat bot takes pressure off human teams by handling the repetitive and routine, leaving your staff free for interactions that delight and retain customers.

Grow self-service transaction rates

Improve call center agent performance by 33% and handle greater volume. Grow more self-service transactions across web, social media, mobile, and smart speaker channels.

Guided information retrieval

Users self-service more when they can ask questions with natural language and receive answers matching their context and intent.

Superior customer experiences

Be free to focus human customer support where needed to improve NPS, CSAT, effectiveness scores and churn rates.

Broaden brand reach

Increase your competitive edge and relevancy by deploying effective cutting-edge technology on the customer's preferred channel.


Progress NativeChat can transform interactions across:



  • Help customers navigate various credit offerings and find the ideal product
  • Negotiate late payments and arrears
  • Help customers on the go find ATMs


  • Allow patients to book appointments with ease and accuracy
  • Foster patient health with medication reminders and tips on healthy living


  • Enable customer self-service for claims, renewals and more, with a level of personalization that goes far beyond static web forms.

How it Works


1. Understand Input

The NativeChat Natural Language Engine supports dynamic training on top of existing enterprise data—like product info, company or contact names. Then it detects these entities, extracts the user intent and passes them to the Cognitive Flow.

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2. Process

NativeChat analyzes the current conversation, long-term bot memory and the goals defined by you. Then it dynamically generates the conversation flow on each user input.  


3. Deliver Response

NativeChat requests needed data from internal systems like SalesForce, Microsoft SharePoint or any API. Then it displays the response in the user's channel of choice.

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Success Story

Dr. Shterev Hospital

A hospital with more than 500 daily calls from patients reduced call center workload by 30% and improved customer satisfaction with 24/7 appointment services—all with our chatbot.

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Progress NativeChat

Deliver superior customer experiences—empower customers to talk with chatbots just like they would with a human on the channel of their choice.