Support Service Level Objectives for On Premise

The Support Service Level Objectives on this page apply to our On Premise products only. For information about Cloud Solutions and Offerings, please refer to Support Service Level Objectives (cloud)

In order to ensure timely responses and resolutions to your cases we measure our performance against Service Level Objectives (SLOs). Our SLO is to meet the time frames set out below, for 80% or more of your cases. See the table below.

The SLOs documented here for response and resolution times are Progress Customer Support’s internal guidelines. They are provided here for information purposes only and are not legal commitments or agreements. Please note the times listed in the table are in business days and hours.


Severity Level Case reported via Initial support response Support Resolution
1 – Production System Down Telephone < One Hour 7 Days
2 – Restricted Operations Telephone/Web One Business Day 14 Days
3 – Question/Inconvenience Web One Business Day 21 Days
Customers can set the severity level of a case by discussing with the Technical Support Engineer, or on the web via SupportLink. Customer Support will review the severity level assigned and allocate the appropriate resources. PSC will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve reported cases. If a practical workaround, or temporary solution, is identified the severity level will be re-evaluated.

For our 24x7 Customers

While our service level objective is to respond to 80% of our cases within the times listed in the table above, to optimize our response during weekends and holidays, please notify us via telephone instead of SupportLink for Severity 1 issues.

Support Severity Levels

When you open a support case we kindly request that you specify its severity level, so that we can better prioritize our work to deliver the best service to you and all other customers.

When our support engineers analyze a case they use the below table to determine if the severity level is properly specified and if not, they will change it and notify you.

Severity Level Definition
1 – Production System Down Production system is down.

A severe problem that prevents an existing production system from operating where no workarounds can be implemented.

Issues of this type could be: 

  • A hang, crash, or uncontrolled termination of the system
  • Corruption or loss of data
  • Security is Compromised
  • A failure of the system or critical product component to start or connect 
2 – Restricted Operations A loss of service resulting in restricted business operations.

A loss of service resulting in restricted business operations.

A moderate problem that may restrict a system but does not prevent it from operating. The problem may affect production, development, testing or migration efforts. 

Issues of this type could be:

  • Severe performance problems
  • Production down issues for which a workaround has been implemented
  • Intermittent problem that results in stability issues 
3 – Low Impact / Procedural Question

A limited loss of service resulting in minimal impact to business operations.

A problem with little or no impact to production, testing or development systems. Nuisance issues, or questions about product functionality and usage. 

Issues of this type could be: 

  • GUI or cosmetic issues
  • Nuisance issues that do not restrict the usage of the product 
  • Questions regarding the usage of, or future for, the product
  • Set up or configuration assistance 
  • Enhancement requests (applicable to certain products)