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Sitefinity Insight alerts service is a feature that continuously monitors important site metrics. It tracks conversions and touchpoint hits data for each of your data centers and detects statistically significant deviations, such as spikes and drops. It uses machine learning-based analytical models to discover deviations, based on historical data patterns of the same datacenter for the last 30 days.

PREREQUISITES: The alerts service is available only to Sitefinity Insight premium subscriptions.

Email notifications

To configure the alerts service email notifications, perform the following:

  1. Navigate to Sitefinity Insight.
  2. Click your account avatar.
  3. In the dropdown menu, click Email alerts.
    The Email alerts window appears. It lists all data centers that you have access to.
  4. Switch ON each data center that you want to be monitored by the alerts service.

When the service detects a spike or drop in the conversions or touchpoint hits statistics in a data center, it sends you an email with the following information:

  • The data center where the deviation has been detected.
  • The date for which the information applies.
  • The name of the touchpoint or conversion.
  • The number of expected hits.
  • The number of reported hits for the previous 24 hours.
  • The deviation of reported and expected hits in percent.

The email is sent only once per day, only if significant deviations are detected. You receive a separate email for each data center for which a deviation was detected.

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