Manage users in data centers and accounts


Having more than one data center in your account may require that you assign users to a particular set of data centers and granting these users different levels of access rights.

For example, your company has a complex portfolio of brands and websites with diverse marketing goals. You may want to assign marketing managers to a particular data center that accumulate and hold the data about digital assets for particular brands only.  Thus, you isolate data that you do not want to be accessible by every user that is associated with your account. On the other hand, you may want to assign administration rights for all data centers to the company Marketing Manager, so that they can supervise and analyze data and digital assets influence on marketing goals for the whole company on a multi-brand level.

As an administrator of a Sitefinity Insight account, you can manage users and their rights on two levels

Data center level

You can:

  • Administer and manage a particular data center or a set of data centers and which users have access to them.
  • Administer and manage all current data centers and data centers created in the future.

On data center level, you can invite a user to have access to a data center or a set of data centers:

  • See reports and data accumulated about this particular data center.
  • Create artifacts in the specified data center.
  • Invite users or stop the access of users to the data center.

    NOTE: You can do this only for users that do not have more privileges than you. For example, you cannot stop the access of the account administrator.


For more information, see Add users to data centers.

Account level

You can administer and manage all data centers and users in a particular account

For more information, see Manage data centers.

On the account level, you can invite a user to be an administrator of your account:

  • Create and manage data centers within the account
  • Invite users and manage their permissions.
    For example, create a data center and invite a user to have access to that particular data center.


For more information, see Invite users

Manage users

In the Administration dashboard, open the Users tab page. You see a list of all users, associated with this Sitefinity Insight account. For each user, you see the following details:

  • Email
  • Status, for example, Pending invitation
  • Which data centers the user has access to


You can manage users by:

  • Deleting users
    The user will no longer have access to any of the data centers in this account.
  • Editing users access and roles

    NOTE: If you are an account administrator, you cannot demote your own rights.

For more information about the actions you can complete, see Manage user permissions.

Enable multi-factor authentication for user accounts

PREREQUISITES Multi-factor authentication is available only to Sitefinity Insight premium subscriptions.

You can request your users to use multi-factor authentication when they log into Sitefinity Insight. To do this, contact the Sitefinity support team. After the Sitefinity Support team sets up your account, all your existing and future users will automatically go through the Azure AD flow for setting up their MFA method. The process is automatic and does not involve any other action on your side.

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