How many Sitefinity licenses do I need if I have several domain names that all point to the same website?

There are two cases when you can have several domain names all pointing to the same website:

1. Domain Alias is a domain name that is used as an alternative name for another domain. For example, if the primary domain name is "" and a Domain Alias is registered for "", then “” and will take visitors to the exact same pages of the “” website. Furthermore, will bring visitors to the exact same page as

2. Domain Forwarding (URL Redirect) allows redirection of web requests for the parked domain name to content hosted on a different server. In case of Domain Forwarding when a visitor attempts to access the forwarded domain, the web browser automatically redirects to the specified website.

In both cases you would NOT need separate Sitefinity licenses for each domain alias/forwarded domain. In the case of domain aliases, please contact sales with the list of domain aliases, and we will generate additional license keys for you. Please, note that in order to register a domain alias, you need to have a license with active support subscription. Prior to issuing of the new domain name licenses, you will need to sign an Annex to the Sitefinity EULA. In the case of domain forwarding, it would be sufficient if you generate the Sitefinity license key for the primary domain name only.

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