Can you provide a detailed overview of the support plan’s features?

Each support plan or package includes various services such as foundational and phone support, specific Support Level Objectives (SLO), education tokens, professional services hours and troubleshooting levels.

For example, foundational support covers the fundamental aspects of the support service, such as filing a bug report, contacting support, accessing new product versions or requesting a feature, among others.

For a detailed explanation, please refer to the Service Descriptions page.

Different Sitefinity Support plans and packages also offer varying degrees of troubleshooting support. Troubleshooting support outlines the scope for isolating any encountered issues. As new features and customizations are added to an application and its environment evolves, it requires more sophisticated troubleshooting. We offer three levels of troubleshooting—Assisted, Advanced and Complete—designed to cover the needs of many use cases and help troubleshoot complex applications and environments. Detailed information and examples are available on the Troubleshooting Levels page.

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