Deprecated Capabilities in Sitefinity CMS

In Q1 2022, Progress will deprecate several Sitefinity features. This FAQ provides a detailed overview of what the deprecation entails, what to expect, the alternatives and options available to you and practical guidance on how to move forward.

We understand the level of commitment and customizations some customers have, especially to the WebForms widgets. Here is how your project may be affected as of Sitefinity 14.1.

WebForms widgets:

  • For new projects, created on versions 14.1 and higher, the built-in WebForms widgets and templates, Responsive design module, and Hybrid page templates will not be available at all.
  • We do not recommend using a deprecated feature set as part of any new deployment. We will not provide any additions, enhancements or modifications to the existing functionality.
  • For upgraded projects (started on versions prior to 14.1), the widgets will continue to work, so that the projects are not broken upon upgrade and customers have more time to plan and execute their migration. The widgets will be in sunset mode, which means that Progress will not invest in feature development or bug fixes.
  • Deprecated features will not be eligible for support, security or bug fixes. Critical and high security vulnerabilities is at Progress’ discretion.

Classic UI:

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