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Web content management system for delivering personalized customer experiences across sites and devices
1 Production Domain or Server 1 Production Domain 1 Production Domain or Server
Concurrent Users
10 15 Unlimited
Web Content Management
Developer Productivity Tools
Connectors for 3rd-Party Systems

Marketing and CRM All Connectors

Site Sync Between Environments

Translations Management

System Audit Trail

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Experience Management
Customer journey analysis, personalization and conversion optimization capabilities powered by the Digital Experience Cloud

100k Contact Profiles Included 100k Contact Profiles Included

Experience Personalization


Connectors for 3rd Party Data Sources

Add-on Add-on
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Support 16h/day (Mon-Fri) 24h/day (Mon-Fri) 24/7
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Need to develop a simple website? 

Available through and supported by our implementation partners, Sitefinity Standard Edition allows companies to build simple websites on a budget. 

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License Model Overview

Learn more about our domain-based, server-based, perpetual and subscription licensing options.

License Renewals and Upgrades

All Sitefinity licenses include one year of maintenance and support.

Purchase FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about purchase options, licensing and more.

Bug Fixing Policy

We fix bugs on weekly basis and release fixes on Fridays, two to four times per month.

License Maintenance Benefits

Technical support, access to product updates and weekly bug fixes, preferential pricing.

Purchase Orders

Review our purchase order requirements to expedite your license activation.

License Agreement

We must receive a copy of your purchase order before we can activate your product.

Included Developer Tools

Every Sitefinity includes licensign for several Telerik developer tools to be used within the scope of Sitefinity web applications.

Need help choosing a license?

We will be happy to discuss your specific needs and the Sitefinity edition that will best meet your requirements.


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