Sitefinity 13.3 Long-Term Support: A Head Start for the Long Run

Sitefinity 13.3 Long-Term Support: A Head Start for the Long Run

Posted on March 18, 2021 0 Comments
Sitefinity 13.3 Long-Term Support: A Head Start for the Long Run

We’re excited to announce that Sitefinity 13.3 is our first-ever Long-Term Support (LTS) release. This blog gives the run-down of what LTS is, what it can mean for your organization and when upgrading to this LTS version might be ideal for you.

Evolving Your Digital Experience Can Be Complicated

Today, so many functions of the business are involved in managing digital experiences (DX). Content creators are building engaging content while the digital marketers are building customer segments, analyzing content performance and optimizing campaigns.

On the other hand, web developers building the infrastructure to enable the marketers to build content independently and IT is managing overall performance, security and connectivity. Aside from this work that's considered “business as usual,” all these functions must also handle external pressures from customers to constantly deliver experiences that are more intuitive, personalized and fast.

With so many moving parts, constantly introducing new processes and technology to improve the customer experience can disrupt daily operations. This is especially true for organizations that have stringent requirements around security and compliance.

In fact, many teams are under pressure to advance DX while protecting or even improving their current levels of operational productivity, security, performance and IT overhead. This introduces obstacles for teams, as sometimes the process of innovation needs sacrifice before delivering a return on investment. Simply put, for many teams, innovation is a complex task to weigh against the day-to-day work.

Your digital experience platform (DXP) is central to supporting both innovation and “business as usual.” Because of that, our goal is to minimize the obstacles in the way of evolving your digital experience and ensure your long-term success. We've released Sitefinity 13.3 so it offers an enhanced feature set to enable content creators, digital marketers, web developers and IT managers to effectively do their jobs.

On top of all that, Sitefinity 13.3 is Sitefinity's first-ever Long-Term Supported (LTS) version, offering reliable and stable platform technology to support your future innovation and evolution.

Try Sitefinity 13.3 Now

At a high level, LTS is a new Core A Progress Products Lifecycle Policy, which deems a specific release a LTS version. Specifically, a LTS product version offers customers four years or more of extended version support, accommodates the currently offered enterprise support model and offers product updates for critical and high severity issues over the full maintenance duration.

Now, organizations can fully protect their investment in their digital experience technology while leveraging enterprise-grade capabilities to meet evolving business requirements. The change introduced in the Sitefinity lifecycle policy will apply to Sitefinity customers on versions 13.x.

An LTS is a safe landing pad for customers that look for stability and minimal change for their digital experience technology as we continue to evolve the Sitefinity platform. We anticipate that future Sitefinity releases will discontinue active support for certain old technologies such as old UI components.

For those who are not able to migrate from those technologies yet or would like a bit more time, Sitefinity 13.3 LTS is a stable transition point for customers to upgrade to, offering continued support of older features and technology.

Giving You a Head Start for the Long Run

With the introduction of long-term support, customers gain a trusted DXP that offers protection for their IT investment. Sitefinity 13.3 is the final release in the version 13 family (13.0, 13.1 and 13.2) and is purpose-built to be the most stable, reliable package yet so organizations can minimize technical obstacles, bugs or support inquiries.

And with extended version support in your arsenal (with an amazing support team that boasts a customer satisfaction score of 95%), Sitefinity 13.3 offers maximum stability, security and reliability while delivering experiences that deliver on growing customer demands for intuitive, personalized content.

Take advantage of the latest and greatest enhancements including out-of-the box analytics and optimization, unmatched marketer and developer ease of use and streamlined multisite management to equip your team to be productive in their day-to-day and successful in innovation.

Simultaneously be rest assured that you are not sacrificing your digital experience operations, performance, security or overhead. Finally, you can get the best of both worlds.

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Amy Ward

Amy Ward was a Senior Product Marketing Specialist at Progress.


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