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Sitefinity’s first Long-Term Support (LTS) release enables continuous, uninterrupted digital experience operations and data-driven marketing strategy.

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Progress Sitefinity 13.3 is the final release of the version 13 family and delivers impactful new features and enhancements wrapped into a long-term supported platform. Enjoy an intuitive, intelligent solution for marketers and a stable, productive platform for developers.
Long-Term Support
For the first time, Progress now offers long-term support (LTS) for Sitefinity, which gives customers an extended period of version support of 4 years or more. In turn, gain a highly stable, reliable platform for the long run, avoiding potential technology changes introduced in future versions.
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Intelligent Marketing Tools
Leverage Sitefinity Insight’s advanced lead scoring, modernized audience intelligence, detailed video performance tracking and more. Consolidate customer profile data, improve marketing programs, and address specific customer needs with tailored content.
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New Multisite User Groups
For multisite projects, configure separate groups of users per website so that each site meets specific business requirements – whether it's for an individual business department, business unit or location.
Reimagined Shared Content UI
Simplify the onboarding and content editing experience with a new shared content UI which completes an entirely reinvented content UI spanning page management, content editing, taxonomy and digital asset management (images, videos, documents and files).
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Enhanced Management of Scheduled Tasks
Gain visibility into all scheduled tasks’ progress including what is pending and what has failed. Delete tasks, restart failed tasks and start a pending task in one, comprehensive view.

Sitefinity 13+ Highlights

Get a head start on your digital journey with the right feature set – one that supports the delivery of engaging, optimized experiences. Equip your team to be successful for years to come with a solution that is purpose-built to be reliable and scalable to meet growing business demands.

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Key Features

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Long-Term Support

Take advantage of Sitefinity's latest and greatest enhancements, presented in platform that ensures stability, security and reliability for the long-run.

13.3 Version Support for 4+ Years

Gain four or more years of extended version support, with Progress' tech support team that has a customer satisfaction score of 95%.

13.3 Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Leverage the latest and greatest capabilities and enhancements to deliver enterprise-grade experiences, easily and cost-effectively.

13.3 Ability to Optimize Your Current Tech Stack

Leverage 13.3 as a seamless transition point for upgrading your platform and maintain continued support for older features and technology.

13.3 Protection for Your IT Investment

Reduce your IT overhead and protect your DXP investment with a solution that is purpose-built and supported by Progress to offer maximum stability.

Key Features

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Intelligent Marketing Tools

Advanced analytics, personalization and optimization features to collect insights on customer profiles, improve marketing programs, and address specific customer needs with tailored content.

New Comprehensive Conversion Attribution Modeling

Automatically discover touchpoints that are most impacting conversions and ace your KPIs with AI-powered conversion attribution modeling.

NewConversion-Based Lead Scoring

Convert leads to customers with advanced lead scoring modeling that tracks specific conversions in combination with other interaction history.

New Detailed Video Performance Tracking

Take your video-based marketing to the next level by tracking the success of video content and measuring its impact on the visitor’s journey and sales funnel.

NewContact Property-Based Lead Scoring

Build incredibly detailed and accurate sales funnel models by incorporating contact properties imported from external systems such as customer status, active opportunities, offline event attendance and more.

NewCustomer Journey Retargeting

Target the most relevant audience with every communication with lead scoring that can adapt when a lead for one journey displays a change in intent that places them in an entirely different journey.

NewMost Visited Keyword Report for Personas

Deliver content on topics that resonate with your audience by leveraging word cloud visualizations that highlight words and topics that your visitors engage with the most.

13Google Data Studio Integration

Export data to Google Data Studio, further expand data analysis options and gain a single view of visitor interactions.

13ML-Driven Customer Journey Monitoring

Spot friction points before they impact the business and identify new opportunities to improve ROI with proactive, ML-driven notifications.

Key Features

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role: Marketing Maverick

Market-Leading Ease of Use

Sitefinity provides an easy-to-use UI and powerful digital asset management capabilities that enable marketers to create, manage and optimize engaging content. Deliver better digital experiences, without leaning on IT for help.

Completed in 13.3 Reimagined Content UI

The entire content UI has been reimagined to be even more intuitive. Enable marketer self-service with a consistent page management and content editing experience.

13.1 Unmatched Digital Asset Management

Easily manage a multitude of assets used across teams and channels with powerful backend media search and media location API.

13 Straightforward Taxonomy Management

Modernized taxonomy management capabilities deliver improved granularity in classifying content and marketer productivity.

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role: IT Hero

Enterprise-Grade Development Platform

Sitefinity enables digital agencies, developers and internal IT teams to rapidly implement performant, unique and connected experiences.

13.3 Enhanced Management of Scheduled Tasks

View and manage all scheduled tasks' progress including in progress, pending and failed tasks in one location.

13.2 Improved Widget Designers in MVC

Streamline web development tools to drive IT efficiency, reduce backlog and address rising development needs.

13.2 Media Search API

Programmatically search for images using a powerful media location API to simplify content management.

13 Omnichannel Delivery

Deliver seamless omnichannel content management and control the presentation layer with Headless Page API and a preview of the all-new .NET Core page editor.

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Streamlined Management

Consolidate a fragmented web presence and streamline content management across the board. Sitefinity features powerful multisite and multilingual support, built-in workflows and content governance capabilities.

13.3 New Multisite User Groups

Manage multiple sites with separate users and configurations within one, unified platform to reduce IT overhead.

13.1 Scalable Multichannel and Multilingual Delivery

Achieve better agility in multisite and multilingual content development with improved concurrent editing performance.

13.1 Streamlined Version Upgrades

Automate the upgrade process with Sitefinity CLI.

13 Enhanced Omnichannel Delivery

Deliver seamless multichannel content management and control the presentation layer with Headless Page API.

Key Features

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role: IT Hero

Flexible Deployment Options

Experience great performance and elevated security, regardless of how you deploy Sitefinity. Minimize IT overhead by leveraging the scalable, enterprise-grade infrastructure of Sitefinity Cloud or utilize existing in-house resources.

NewSimplified Domain Management

Gain complete control over your entire digital presence with the ability to create and manage domains within the platform. Request additional SSL certificates from Progress or upload your own to streamline the process.

13.2 Sitefinity Cloud Multi-Regional Failover Add-On

Protection from extended downtime for Sitefinity Cloud customers.

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13.2 Sitefinity Cloud 1TB Blob Storage Add-on

Decouple content from media with this scalable Azure storage solution, available to new and existing Sitefinity Cloud customers alike.

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13.1 Automated Upgrades in the Cloud

Ensure always-on delivery of experiences to constantly support the business and maintain peace of mind with automated upgrade processes.

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