Release 5.2.2 Private Cloud

Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.2.2 Release Notes


Release Date

July 30th, 2018

Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00451179 RB-8195 Collapsible section header back color changes to blue when clicked
00451095 RB-8194 Traditional Toolbar disappears on back button click on the User view page
00451071 RB-8186 Traditional UI Layout footer shows "Pre-release software" text in the footer
00450729 RB-8153 On Create & Edit page, lookup fields options do not appear when the keyboard Down Arrow key is pressed
RB-8144 With OpenEdge database, Too many queries to RB_TRANSLATION impacts the performance of system
00449488 RB-8091 PDF File extraction error during Search Reindex need updates to pdfbox-2.0.11 and fontbox-2.0.11
00449603 RB-8090 Field update trigger called by workflow action not setting Updated By field
00445281 RB-8069 Application with OpenEdge database takes long time to generate app XML.
00447836 RB-7975 API request receiving too many ids error

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