Release 4.0.6

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0.6 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues


34537 Workflows on OESO object sends the object id but not the integration code
Workflows on OESO object now sends the integration code instead of the object id.

34447/00337598 NPE in batch jobs
Getting NPE while batch jobs are running automatically. When running manually no exception is generated.  Batch Job Type : Data Maintenance

33609 Attached roles are not showing in Roles section when imported OE service application
Attached roles from source do not show up in the target environment under application after import/update

33526 SecondLevel submenus are not showing when exported and imported
When an app is uninstalled and then imported back the second level submenus are not displayed.

33312 Null pointer caused by accessing a record with empty data

33279 Not incrementing column when created new records using external tables 
When external table is created and a specific query is assigned to generate primary key, the records were not getting created.

33252/00337345 Error on Rollbase fresh installation startup
During fresh installation on a Thai locale, an error appears on console but server starts fine.

32752/00333624 Exporting a View with OE Related Object as column displays "ERROR" in xls file.

32734/00336973 Storage server field does not show in new UI

32616 Service object supports count operation disabled?
We enhanced the OESO integration to use getCount Invoke api to find total number of records, This was working fine for new objects but for old objects this option was not enabled even after updating the object definition with new JSDO file.

32603 Cannot generate XML file for FAQ app
Generate XML for FAQ app doesn't work after having imported it in a tenant.

32571/336626 Required fields force you to enter a value on mass update pages
On Mass Update page required field check will not be enforced. Fields for which value is not provided will remain unchanged on submitting the form.

32422 Complete value is not showing up in a single row for a few picklists in sendarr.jsp page
If the values in the comboxes in send and sentArr jsps are lengthy, they are displayed in two lines.

32376 Link lookup is not populating the data if it placed before the main lookup field in the UI

32032/332843 Multi-currency is not working correctly
Multi Currency is not working when users lie in different time zones. The currency rate was set considering the user time zone.

32019/334991 Batch job for scheduled FTP import gets ERROR: User with id -1 not found
Getting error when Master/Super admin creates a batch job of type "Scheduled FTP import" in the customer.

31777/335460 Link to html report doesn’t redirect to login page
Link to html report will now redirect to the report page if the user is logged in or redirects to login Page if user is not logged in 

31476/333754 Error when using Related Fields with OE Objects
Rollbase is retrieving the wrong data when using Related field with OE Objects

31345 Selected record count is not honoring search criteria in record list page
Selected number of records in search result page was displaying total record count instead of search result count. Issue was due to retrieving filter from session on NewUI code.

Select all – All pages option is not working in a view in which group by is enabled and view selector is hidden
When View Selector is hidden from List View there was a java script error thrown user check "Select All" option for all pages. This was caused due to improper null check handling at java script code.

30429 It is good to have a flag to update existing records if user changes phone/mobile number format
A flag has been provided below phone/mobile field which when checked will update all existing records with the mentioned mask

29412/328683 Group by on views fails if values are blank

28420 Good to align the available columns properly when we show/hide them using Column selector
When user use Column Selector menu to show / hide columns, visual appearance of Grid columns get distracted, Grid columns get squeezed.

Selecting the same record is clearing the lookup field value
When user select same record for lookup field by using selector list or use rbf_setFieldValue() to set same value more than once, clears the saved value of the field.

26507/329943 Field level security permissions assigned to roles not deploying from one zone to another
Roles created with certain field-level permissions lose those permissions when deployed to another tenant.

19631/26507/329943 Total not in alignment with the column for which the total is calculated

19117/313256 View filter button not available on a related list
When a related list is added to a view page of a related object, the button for dynamic filtering is not displayed.  The disable filtering property is unchecked but the button still does not display.   Describe a workaround Edit and create new views if you user have access to do so.

Selector page size is not getting updated based on width and height which are specified in page properties

18614/ PSC00299377/00333986 HTML report is displaying the html tags when the report is emailed  

17754/ 00336645 Quick Create icon is missing for both main and link lookup fields in edit record page

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