Release 4.4

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.4 Release Notes

The following sections describe issues fixed and known issues with this release.

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Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00368805 56583 Errors in log file when hosted file as css is missing for custom reports.
00366469 55003 User Preferences not getting saved.
00364714 54191 Tenant is not receiving the first e-mail after creation.
00363032 53388 Hebrew characters in Tenant-name show up as question marks in the From field of a mail sent through a Send Mail trigger
00361699 53234 Field-level validations which use String tokens do not show translated messages for non-English portals
00358536 53168 Recursion triggers are not working with external objects
00362074 53152 Related record tokens not populating for one side of M:N relationship.
00361314 53136 Field token from $SETTINGS object does not parse at UI level

52860 Conditional formula for Edit permission at field-level makes that field not visible on New Record page
52837 Attach/Detach a related record from the Related View Grid disables the 'Back To List' button
00362019 52772 NPE when using Exchange with multiple recipients
00341454 52427 When application is pushed to target tenant then field label is missing.
00358698 51916 [New UI] - Link lookup when placed in a different tab (New/Edit pages) doesn't filter the related record
00358221 51744 Related field tokens issue not working using the pre-existing token as provided by the Template helper.
00331970 50436 Using rbv_api.setExchangeRate in Batch job throws permissions issue.
00358040 50309 Batch Job fields left blank after installing app in tenant
00353080 49434 Rollbase restart required after restore from backup.
00353243 46321 Action buttons are displayed in the wrong grid
00351047 45555 Multi-layer Tabular Report showing incorrect number of pages
00352519 45437 Users cannot raise Support Tickets in Rollbase in Classic UI with PacificUIDisabled=true
43094 Checkbox value returning null on select query for existing records.
00345296 41976 Update storage used by Customer after create/delete of system backup file.
00345336 40203 Google Chrome: Date picker closing without selecting date in "Date/Time" field
39643 Looping through records in emails not working when using batch jobs.

Customer always receive the emails empty (regarding the records, the header of the table is only visible) when using batch jobs. When executing manually it works as expected.
00343884 38365 Date/Time Fields populated in Portal appear to be 1 hr ahead when field is not in the UI or when it is hidden.
00352795 37593 Document Template field is getting empty in records after importing app with seed records
36304 Error when moving Tenant from OE Database to SQL Server
00322848 24180 Batch jobs not starting after XML was updated (intermittent)
00262137 18428 Users should be notified on Rollbase hosted cloud upgrade.

18228 Incorporate icons that Applications/Objects can use for more organized and user friendly identification. Icons could be provided by user or chosen from a default library. Forum Link https//
00322850 16447 Global search stops to work after deleting Object fields or updating APP
00319854 16387 The wizard allows creating a field name with reserved field name "Type".
16211 Indexing error after performing a "database move" on a tenant

52095 Issue with configuring a Grid Control on a Status Change page of a Workflow action.

51978 Re-initializing customer cache after a fail over to another PROD Server in High Availability configuration when there are errors accessing the database due to network glitch

Known Issues

Defect ID Description

In rare scenarios where after providing the Corticon Decision Server settings in the application and creating one (or more) Corticon Decision Service triggers; if the user wants to remove the old Corticon settings, the previously created triggers will still continue to use the old settings. However, instead of completely deleting the old settings any changes done to the settings will automatically update the previously created triggers.

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