Release 4.3.1

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.3.1 Release Notes

The following sections describe issues fixed and known issues with this release.

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Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00358698 53368 [New UI] - Link lookup when placed in a different tab (New/Edit pages) doesn't filter the related records

52979 [New UI] - ontab HTML event handler is not working
00362669 52909 Modern Vertical menu - subtabs can't be reached from Firefox by clicking the down-facing arrow.
00358600 51226 CURR_CUST logo templates are not rendered in Document templates.

Known Issues

Defect ID Summary
52095 In the Setup UI of Rollbase, after configuring a Grid control in a 'Status Change' page, throws a System error when Save is clicked. However, this is a harmless error message and no functionality is broken.
51979 If a user's page is being loaded and the user's Customer is unloaded from the Master zone during the time window of page loading, multiple alert dialogs will appear in the browser. Reloading the page will fix the problem.
51978 In the unlikely event of the database crashing during the narrow time window of Customer metadata-cache loading, the invalid cache is not cleared resulting in login errors. As a workaround, if the Customer is unloaded from the Master zone, the issue goes away with the next user login.
51912 In HA configuration, after a node failover, pagination controls of a view in portals is jumping to 1st page. Subsequent use of pagination controls works fine.
51662 In HA configuration, in the event of a prod node failure, after the session switches over to the fallback prod node, navigation context (Back,Prev/Next buttons) is reset. Subsequent navigation works fine
51604 File upload and Image upload fields configured in the revised grid control does not honor server side validation scripts. Users with File / Image upload fields with server side validation scripts should continue to use old grid control until this issue is fixed in the revised grid control.
51109 In the revised GridControl, Client side event handlers (onclick, onfocus, mousedown, mouseup, etc.) does not work for Pick list, Dependent Pick List, Doc Template and Email Template fields. Users with this functionality should continue to use old GridControl until it is fixed in new control.

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