Release 2.2

ENHANCEMENTS in Release 2.2

  1. Improved User Experience -- The Getting Started page makes it easier to dive right in. The Quick Create wizard guides users to rapid success in making new apps. The user has more streamlined access to launching tasks, videos, and other materials. The layout of Rollbase screens is more readable, and buttons are clearly distinguished. Existing Rollbase users need to update their Rollbase application from the Application Directory to expose the new home page.

  2. New Metadata APIs -- Rollbase now offers AJAX, REST, and SOAP methods for creating, modifying, accessing, and deleting applications and their components.

  3. More Rollbase Mobile Capabilities -- There are now two styles of mobile apps. The features available for development of mobile apps depend on the developer's license.

    Mobile-Web - The former "Mobile Edition" is now "Mobile-Web". It is enabled per-application. Specified application views are exposed to users, but you cannot change the look and feel of the mobile app. User login to a known URL with a mobile device redirects to the corresponding Mobile-Web application.

    Rollbase Mobile – This style supports multiple mobile apps per Rollbase application. Apps are created through the Mobile App Builder's drag-n-drop tools. Rollbase Mobile separates data access from business logic, so you can add functionality beyond the Rollbase application. These apps can be deployed as both native and browser-based apps.

  4. Documentation Enhancements -- Rollbase's online documentation is now organized by categories that lead the reader through the development process. The Reference section also presents the API by categories. Access to this online documentation is located at

CHANGES in Release 2.2

Some changes in Rollbase behavior might require changes to existing applications:

  1. Change to JSON Date Format -- The getDataField, selectQuery, and selectValue REST methods now return dates in the correct JSON format. A new parameter, useLegacyDateFormat, has been added to these methods to control the data format. This URL parameter is optional and only applies to JSON output of DATE fields. When set to false or not specified, dates are returned in the normal JSON format, such as: "Wed Mar 05 17:52:38 IST 2014". When set to true, dates are returned in a format like this example: new Date("Wed Mar 05 2014 17:52:38 (IST)").

  2. Change to Portal CSS -- Rollbase includes a new Pacific portal CSS. New portals created in the 2.2 release use this CSS by default. You can update earlier applications by adding the body tag "class=pacific-bootstrap" to a portal's Header and Footer: Header HTML section.

  3. Fix to Triggers might Change Application Behavior -- The resolution of PSC00279507 enables the checkCondition parameter of the rbf_runTrigger method. If your applications depend on the former behavior(where the condition was not tested), you might need to change the logic that invokes this method.

FIXED in Release 2.2

Case# 00269062 -
Fusion Chart not working on a portal with the "Record Creator" role
Case# 00269062 -
Fusion Chart not working on a portal when filtering by CURR_VISITOR
Case# 00270107 -
LOOP_BEGIN and rbf_getPage() do not work with the Record Creator role
Case# 00269881 -
An encrypted field cannot be blanked once it has a value
Case# 00266417 -
User in any role able to change Administrator password and other details
Case# 00267157 -
Custom password validation does not work when resetting password
Case# 00264618 -
Case# 00266766
Relationships not deleted when the Recycle Bin delete records

Case# 00264584 -
"Record Creator" role does not work with the Ajax API
Case# 00264994 -
Email Address case sensitivity for Forgot Password page
Case# 00264584 -
AJAX API should not be used by anonymous HTTP client
Case# 00264584 -
The Portal Visitor role has by default too much permission
Case# 00262720 -
PDF Template mention "Evaluation" on the Public Cloud
Case# 00263181 -

rbf_updateRecord() is changing the locationId even when it is not part of the list of fields to be updated
Case# 00261704 -
Cannot deploy application
Case# 00263403 -
Administration Setting
Case# 00263187 -
Support Menu Option
Case# 00262271 -
Proper usage of DataObjectHandler.getByQuery
Case# 00262941 -
Workflow actions can be performed on records a user does not have access to
Case# 00263086 -

Merging two records does not preserve the relationships of their respective related records
Case# 00262205 -
Audit trail from a record updated through a portal sometimes have no user
Case# 00262046 -

Update field trigger not working when a record gets created through a SOAP call
Case# 00261782 -
Case# 00262571
Some users cannot log out of Rollbase Hosted Cloud

Case# 00261127 -

When an email template is evaluated by an email trigger, the 00269935 {!name#link} token gets translated to instead of
If the trigger is immediate it does not happen.
Case# 00261707 -
Case# 00262864
Triggers on COMMLOG object not working when email is sent

KNOWN ISSUES in Release 2.2

  1. There is an issue with the update_2.2.0.sql script when running on the OpenEdge database. To correct it, edit the script as follows:


    to be


  2. There are three options for deployment of Rollbase Mobile app – Web App, iOS App and Android app. All these three options have been documented in Rollbase mobile documentation. However for this release, only native deployments are available (iOS and Android). The option to deploy Rollbase mobile as a Web application is not available for the current release. [FIXED - May 2014]

  3. Cannot use the Mozilla browser to develop mobile applications using the Rollbase Mobile App Builder because the login to session-enable app from Mozilla is prevented. Instead, use IE, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

  4. Cannot use Refresh button in Test window to view latest data: the Refresh operation in Mobile Emulator does not update data from Rollbase. Instead, refresh the browser and re-login.

  5. When opening a mobile app in a new tab, it opens the Mobile App Builder home page instead of an actual application's designer

  6. When performing a backup of a Rollbase project, it does not backup Rollbase Mobile App Builder specific content. So, manually backup your Mobile projects from the Mobile App Builder.

  7. The footer bar hangs somewhere in the middle of the screen, after the on-screen keyboard appears and disappears again when entering an input field.

  8. Because of an issue with our use of JQM 1.3.2, a Popup cannot be closed when a YouTube component has been added

  9. Data transfer using scp hangs part way through the process. This can result in an .ipa build never completing. If so, try again or use a local Mac machine. Meanwhile, we are currently working the issue with Apple.

  10. When using an OpenEdge service or DataDirect Cloud object, you cannot update, delete, or use any filter operations against an object's data in the Rollbase Mobile App Builder. So, you must replicate the same objects in the Rollbase environment.

  11. When you create, update, or delete a record and use triggers to validate the record data in After Create or Before/After Update/Delete, a failure is not reported back to the Mobile App if the validation fails.

  12. For this release, avoid using the Quick Create Wizard if you plan to use mobile functionality. Mobile applications derived from an application created with the Quick Create Wizard may report an error when retrieving the application catalog.

  13. Objects added to an existing application created using the Quick Create wizard may cause previous object definitions to be shown as dependent versus core objects. As a work around when viewing the overall Application definition, move the objects as appropriate using the 'Attach Object' functionality of the core and dependent objects view. Meanwhile, this will be addressed in the next release.

  14. Quick Create wizard error messages might be truncated. For example, the error message, "object name is required" might appear as just "object name is ".

  15. Misleading UI Shows 1:M for Hierarchical relation when using the Quick Create App Wizard: By definition Rollbase creates a Hierarchical relationship within the object. But when using the Quick Create App wizard to create an application, an icon depicting a hierarchical relationship is not seen in the relationship screen, instead it shows a one-to-many relationship icon.

  16. New create Mobile Application option: The "Create Application" dialog includes a new option: "a New Mobile application" . This option allows you to create an application definition and launch the new Rollbase Mobile App builder quickly. However, the resulting mobile application will not be associated with any Rollbase object data unless you explicitly add objects to the application using the Rollbase interface.

    To create a mobile app that is associated with an existing Rollbase application, do not use this option. Instead, navigate to the "Applications Setup >Applications" page and click the name of the application for which you want to create a mobile app. Scroll down to the "Mobile Apps" section and click "New Mobile App".

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