Release 4.4.1

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.4.1 Release Notes

The following sections describe issues fixed and known issues with this release.

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Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00372745 60394 Duplicate entry '<id>' for key 'PRIMARY' message after upgrade from 3.0.x
00373173 59935 "Connection refused" error causing prod server to become unresponsive
00371222 58667 Duplicate Country list items
00371163 58323 Page Design Switching from 4 to 3 Columns Hides Fields
00371981 57782 Trigger disappears without any trail when accessed via Support Access.
46414 Changes to Trigger/Formula as shown in Audit Trail, do not reflect in the formula and triggers.

Known Issues

Defect ID Description

In rare scenarios where after providing the Corticon Decision Server settings in the application and creating one (or more) Corticon Decision Service triggers; if the user wants to remove the old Corticon settings, the previously created triggers will still continue to use the old settings. However, instead of completely deleting the old settings any changes done to the settings will automatically update the previously created triggers.

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