Release 2.2.2

This Hotfix resolves the following 2.2 known issues:

1. There is an issue with the update_2.2.0.sql script when running on the OpenEdge database. To correct it, edit the script as follows: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS RB_HELP to be DROP TABLE RB_HELP;

13. Objects added to an existing application created using the Quick Create wizard may cause previous object definitions to be shown as dependent versus core objects. As a work around when viewing the overall Application definition, move the objects as appropriate using the 'Attach Object' functionality of the core and dependent objects view. Meanwhile, this will be addressed in the next release.

In addition, these customer reported issues have been resolved in this Hotfix:

Fixed in 2.2.2 Hotfix:

Case# 00275008 - There is currently no way to access the original file name of a document associated with an Object. The current logic will result in FileUpload.toString() to obtain the value which returns the actual storage name. The {!file#html} and {!file} tokens do not return the name of an uploaded file in a trigger, but the temporary/internal filename.

Case# 00273502 - In record creation popup, fields: First Name, last Name, Profession and Location are mandatory fields and for which respective error messages should be displayed if not filled. Last Name field, when left blank and record is saved, it does not show the required error message.

Case# 00273502 - In record edit page, if for a field, the record is already selected, the option of creating a new record is missing even when the existing record is deleted. After removing the selected record on field, saving and then re-editing the same record, the record creation option (+ button is available).

Case# 00270486 - Activity Trail Report not working

Case# 00271749 - "File Upload" field is visible on the public Web if its object is viewable by the Portal Visitor role

Case# 00275211 - "Treat empty spreadsheet cells as NULL values for updated records" also empties non mapped fields


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