Release 4.1.2 Private Cloud

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.1.2 Release Notes

The following section describes the issues fixed in this release.

  1. Large custom reports were resulting in Out of Memory errors or GC overhead limit reached. These problems have been resolved with the following:
    • Preview mode now limits all loops and wizard invocations to 10 records.
    • The total number of records that can be processed in a custom report is now governed by the shared property MaxRecordsAllowedInReporting. The public cloud default is set to 10000.
    • An erroneous formula field now terminates report execution, as does non-resolution of a context or loop record.
    • Report rendering times are now recorded in main.log.
    • A relationship filter selection is now available for inner loops and wizards enclosed in loops. The filter, called Scope of the Loop, is available for inner loops and wizards enclosed in loops with the parent loop record as the scope. Behavior has changed in this release; to enable context record capabilities for a custom report, you need to select the Context Record Specific flag in the report properties page. This makes a context record the scope for the top level loops and wizards.
    • If a user configured an unfiltered inner loop, Rollbase permanently displayed a warning that unbounded loops will result in large data sets to be processed, considerably increasing the time required to generate the report and hogging system resources like database connections.
  2. User interface changes to reporting:
    • Update labels in lang files.  
    • Update labels in custom report tooling pages
    • Add option to specify if report is context based (checkbox)
    • Say that report is context based in report builder page (possibly in level 3 title) 
    • Get rid of source object in TOC section
    • Default Section identifier for TOC section to be called “Table of Contents”
    • Remove context record from token gen & Filter Table when report is generic
    • Add loop and wizard scope on top level sections when report is context based
    • Show warning under section details for unbounded loop/wizard, also show warning icon on the section in the tree
    • Reordering sections beyond their sub-tree and saving report loses all section data in the report.
  3. A custom report invoked from a context did not resolve loop filters on the context record. This issue has been resolved.

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