Release 3.0.0

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 3.0.0 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Known Issues

PSC00296572 Log in issue for ISVs on hosted cloud with expired accounts 
If you are an ISV partner who tries to log into Rollbase using an expired account, you will need to log in with an active account. However, before trying a different account, you must close your browser window to kill the unsuccessful session. Then, you can navigate to the Rollbase login page to log in successfully with a different account.

PSC00307493 Native filtering is the new default behavior for OpenEdge Service objects
In 2.2.2, when using external objects mapped to OpenEdge Service objects, you would have used 'Search Criteria' to set filter conditions in views and reports.

For 3.0, Rollbase supports native filtering in addition to Search Criteria. Native filtering is now the default behavior. The conditions you entered previously will be available, but to use them, you need to edit the view or report, select the filter condition 'Search Criteria' and save.

PSC00308071 UpdateArr methods do not work for external objects 
The UpdateArr REST and SOAP methods do not work for external objects mapped to external tables, OpenEdge Service objects, or connected through DataDirect Cloud.

PSC00308149 Certain methods not working for external objects
External objects can be mapped to external tables, OpenEdge service objects, or connected to outside data sources through DataDirect Cloud. The following methods currently do not return the correct values:

For external objects mapped to external database tables:
1. getPage - REST and SOAP
2. createArr - SOAP

For external objects mapped through DataDirect Cloud
1. getPage - REST and SOAP
2. createRecord - SOAP

For external objects mapped to OpenEdge Service objects
1. create - REST
2. createArr - REST and SOAP
3. createRecord - REST and SOAP

PSC00309139 An OpenEdge Service object cannot be attached to a related native object using a look up field
If you try to attach an OpenEdge service object record to a related object using a look up field, you will receive an exception.


For example, take the case of a Rollbase native object named Department, which has a one-to-many relationship with an Employee object based on an OpenEdge Service. If you try to add a related Employee record to a Department record you will get an exception. However you can add the related record from the native object side, that is add a Department to an Employee.

PSC00310391 Rollbase Does Not Accurately Report Errors for OpenEdge Entities Using the BeforeImage Property
In OpenEdge 11.4, Business Entities support a BeforeImage property. For Business Entities created by OpenEdge 11.4 where BEFORE-IMAGE is specified on the dataset, Rollbase does not handle errors correctly. Regular Datasets have no problem. The backend will work correctly in all cases. The problem is that the UI reports a success if an update, delete or create operation fails. The data displayed by Rollbase should be correct and show what is in the database.

The following issues have been fixed in Rollbase Version 3.0:


"Treat empty spreadsheet cells as NULL values for updated records" also empties non mapped fields


Activity Trail Report


There is currently no way to access the original file name of a document associated with an Object.
The current logic will result in FileUpload.toString() to obtain the value which returns the actual storage name. The {!file#html} and {!file} tokens do not return the name of an uploaded file in a trigger, but the temporary/internal file name.


"File Upload" field is visible on the public Web if its object is viewable by the Portal Visitor role


If two users simultaneously try to edit two different OE Service Objects (OESOs), then the second one gets the below "Record is locked" error (even though these are independent Objects). This happens even if you do two different Records in the same OpenEdge Service object.

The "<record name>" record is currently in use by <user 1>. Please try again later or ask <user 1> to release the lock by clicking save or cancel from the Edit page for <record name >.


Error when creating a chart with external tables with a join.


Meetings added using Grid Control not syncing to Google Calendar


When deleting a restoring a parent record from a one-to-many relationship, the relationship seems restored in the user interface, but not in the database and not when calling JavaScript rbf_api.selectQuery()


Security issue using SOAP API createCustomer.


Attempting to create a new View on the Rollbase object fails when applying a View Filter based on the OpenEdge Service Object with the following error message if the Primary Key is alpha-numeric:

ERROR: For input string: "A3561A3C-1164-1CAA-E413-26C8DFD6AD3C"


Backup file Abnormally small


rbv_api.selectValue() returning a date can return the wrong time on Hosted cloud


When changing the decimal separator for a decimal field to 'Comma', the values are displayed as : 1,234,50 where the comma is used as thousands separator and decimal separator.
When editing this value to 2,234,50 an error is returned like : "Error: 2,234,50 is not a valid number."


Performance improvement for searches on a particular Object type


Filtering is allowed on fields user does not have permission


Missing HttpOnly Attribute in Session Cookie


Reporting does not work without the Rollbase application installed


Currency symbols (Pound, Yen) used in currency format are not displayed correctly in Rollbase.


"xxx is not FieldPrimaryKey" error received when adding a relationship between an OE Service Object and a rollbase object


E-Mail needs to include Date Header


Rollbase is unable to bind an OpenEdge Service object as a Reference Record on a Rollbase object. It is possible to select the OpenEdge Service as a Reference Object when editing or creating the Rollbase object record, however, the change is not saved.


Duplicate entry error on table RB_BENCHMARK when trying to restore a tenant.


Rollbase does not add a filter when querying for OE Service object records, causing all existing records to be returned to Rollbase when invoking the lookup feature.


Errors occur when viewing object record with custom view, where the custom view displays records that are not part of the default view.


When trying to merge two records in a view who happen to be on two different pages, Rollbase doesn't recognize the keyword(s) checked on another page. If there is only one record on the current page, Rollbase says "Select at least two records to do a merge" even though other records are checked on other pages.


Default workflow status not set when record created in a grid


Main Lookup and Link Lookup options are not saved on external lookup fields


System backup does not preserve formatting inside Script Components


Triggers timeout does not leave log records: wrong type of Exception is used.


System restore on an OpenEdge database sets decimal values to -1


Update list of US states to include territories as well


After a system restore, users from the restored tenant may not be able to login and get the following error:

Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint "SYS_CONSTRAINT001". Cannot insert duplicate key in object "ADMIN.RB_LOGIN_SESSION". (16947)


50 character Resource URI limit when creating an Application from an OpenEdge Service


User gets logged out randomly


Cacheable SSL Page Found


When editing an OpenEdge Service Object selected from a filtered list of records, the following error triggers:

Error loading query


Missing Secure Attribute in Encrypted Session (SSL) Cookie


Security Audit - Address Vulnerabilities in Rollbase Application


Consider a workflow action that is applying a document template.

When running that action from a view by checking one or more records and going to "More Actions... / <workflow action>", Rollbase issues a "Cannot parse requested template" system error.

Running the very same workflow action either by clicking on the action link in a view or when looking at a record does not exhibit the behavior.


The select record option is not available on pop-up of the look-up button, when relative record is removed from the 'Available Column' list of a View and trying to attach on a view that is linked to the object.


File names and Extensions get removed from hosted files when downloading


The portal Redirect Error page has an incorrect reference to a portaltheme.css file that results in 404 errors in nginx logs.


Formula executed on a non-existing record

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Third party acknowledgments are listed on the following Web page.

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