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Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.4 Release Notes

Release Date 

March 1st, 2019

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Fixed Issues

Following is the list of issues fixed with this release.

Case ID Defect ID Description
00311986 RB-1148 Searching returns no results when reindexing the entire system
00379514 RB-1838 Error on the global search when field has " / "
00430519 RB-2137 Cannot view Tenant records / Subscribers etc after manually updating to 5.0 from 4.3.1.x
00437478 RB-8629 Mast edit fields for phone numbers not allowing space in the mask value
00441555 RB-7583 User Role Permissions - alphabetize listing (other lists too)
00442392 RB-7694 Type ahead on detail search not working with rbf_setViewSelector()
00444505 RB-7798 No API to set the value of a reference record
00446046 RB-7803 Unable to upgrade from 4.5.x to 5.x due to exception - String value for column exceeds max allowed characters.
00448431 RB-8060 Updating record on edit page rbf_setFieldDisabled clearing the value of the field
00451540 RB-2117 Global search is working on some objects but not others
00451582 RB-8306 Global Search relevancy not showing correctly after upgrading to 5.x
00451810 RB-8329 Cloned objects incorrectly attaching hierarchical relationships
00451812 RB-8290 Growl messages don't show up on Portals
00453034 RB-8754 Issues when logging in using back-end and portal.
00455323 RB-8625 Audit Trail - Not Showing When Permissions are Updated
00455422 RB-8475 Constraint Violation Exception on concurrent record flagging.
00456005 RB-8628 Mass update pre-populating current users in Owner field and may cause an unintended mass update
00456433 RB-9076 Published Application's 'Push Updates' to the restored customers is not working as intended due to data integrity issue.
00456618 RB-8784 Timing difference between 5.2.3 and 5.2.4
00458363 RB-8761
No client-side AJAX API to support multi-part file upload
00458494 RB-8712 Overriding Sub-menus in System Tabs is not allowed while publishing application
00459037 RB-8702 Error in OpenEdge Database on sending an e-mail with any attachment.
00459322 RB-8851 Non-admin users are unable to save custom reports
00459788 RB-8736 Not able to enable new UI for selected users.
00459895 RB-8774 Dependent lookup issue (related record disappearing from Edit page)
00461707 RB-8838 Group of checkbox with horizontal alignment with multiple values, on the UI the checkboxes are getting wrapped up
00462466 RB-9093 Record lock error when two users concurrently trying to save the record.
00463434 RB-8911 GC Overhead Limit Exceeded errors
00463752 RB-9110 In case of OpenEdge Database, concurrent user record edits sometime prompts an error due to failure in getting record lock on RB_USER_DATA.
00463788 RB-8913 Creating an expression field in a table with more than 70k records throws the error: java.sql.SQLException: No operations allowed after statement closed.
00465903 RB-9117 rbf_createRecord throws error for the Customer object on portal.
00467648 RB-9092 Unable to update XML APP using Import from XML feature if relationship fields were missing from the object definition.
00470061 RB-8612 With IE 11.0 record view Page with multiple tabs does not show section headers
00470065 RB-9081 Group By Values on Views are Cleared after Upgrade from XML
00470245 RB-9091 Modified Server API permissions in 4.5.x causes error when importing the App XML into
00470469 RB-9090 After Create Trigger on record created from Portal throws "You do not have permissions to view this record".
00473552 RB-9128 In "Material" theme, Magnifying glass hidden in the filter
00473804 RB-9138 Formula field: Selecting return type Currency shows return type Decimal above the Formula bar.
00473804 RB-9139 rbf_getFields API for a Formula field of return type Currency returns Currency value without the separator.
00473873 RB-9147 The views created with *Group By* are not migrated along with App XML when the XML is exported from Rollbase 4.5.x to Rollbase 5.3.
00474063 RB-9152 User Login taking long time when there are a large number of records (in millions) in the relationship table
00474063 RB-9166 Out of memory error when turned on many batch jobs concurrently
00478258 RB-9206 Duplicate key constraint error when XML contains seed records and tenant multiple languages
00478798 RB-9224 Non-admin user cannot view charts in some scenarios.
00479788 RB-8875 Trial Site Expiration Date uses white Text for some specific themes.
RB-7695 Global search is not Handling Special Characters
RB-8045 View Page Link/Attach Allows Multi-Select when Searching in Selector But Only attaches 1
RB-439 Lucene reindexing even when files don't change
RB-276 Unable to search content of file upload fields stored in Amazon S3 Cloud.

Known Issues

  1. The newly added functionality - Search Highlighter is unable to highlight the results in the record details page when opened from a search result's page if the search queries are having few fields such as Currency, Decimal, etc. 
  2. The lookup field value is missing if the application update has any cardinality changes. The workaround to transpose this issue is to run Data Maintenance on the lookup field from the object definition page manually.

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