Rollbase: What's New In 4.0

Rollbase 4.0 contains the following new features and enhancements:

New User Interface

Rollbase 4.0 introduces a totally redesigned user interface (UI). The UI is responsive to a variety of browser sizes, uses a modern component framework (Kendo UI) with a rich set of widgets and includes several built-in themes.

Highlights of the new UI include:

  • The responsive UI automatically adjusts to different screen widths and allows you to build applications with a modern look that work well on a variety of devices. The responsive UI leverages the Bootstrap version 3 framework. (Learn more about Bootstrap)
  • The UI contains 14 built-in themes, including two sets of complementary light and dark themes, allowing greater flexibility in the appearance of an application. (Learn more about 'Working with Themes')
  • The new UI leverages Kendo UI widgets for controls and validation. Application developers who want to customize the user interface for an application can use the full Kendo UI Professional Edition library. (Learn more about 'Kendo UI')
  • For existing customers, administrators can switch between the old UI (classic UI) and the new UI for selected users to help with the transition to the new UI. (Learn more about configuring the UI)
  • The new UI uses the Font Awesome toolkit, which provides scalable vector icons that you can customize for size, color and drop shadow, and for anything you can do using CSS. (Learn more about the FontAwesome Toolkit)
  • More client-side processing in the UI results in fewer page reloads and better performance.

Rollbase Marketplace

The Rollbase Marketplace is an online store where Rollbase users can install and share Rollbase applications.

Highlights of the Rollbase Marketplace include:

  • The application offerings are either free or paid. Hosted Rollbase users can distribute their applications to the central Rollbase Marketplace for access by all Rollbase users. Rollbase Private Cloud users can configure a private Rollbase Marketplace (one per Rollbase installation), to distribute applications only to their users.
  • For new Rollbase Private Cloud customers, Marketplace is configured as the alternative to Application Directory. Progress recommends Marketplace over Application Directory because Marketplace provides more features and a better user experience to publish and distribute applications.
  • Rollbase Private Cloud administrators can choose to disable Marketplace and enable Application Directory in their tenant.

Progress Data Catalogs for Using Rollbase Data in Telerik AppBuilder

Rollbase provides a Progress Data Catalog file (.json) to make it simple to access Rollbase application data from external applications, such as Telerik AppBuilder™.

(Learn more about generating Progress Data Catalogs and using them in Telerik AppBuilder)

(Learn more about Telerik Platform)

New Quick Start Tutorial and Fast Track Page

To help new users get up to speed quickly, Progress has created a Fast Track page that features a Quick Start Tutorial, which is separate from the regular documentation. The Fast Track page includes links to the new tutorial, user assistance videos and documentation.

The new tutorial guides you through creating an application that allows you to practice using many features of Rollbase, including:

  • Setting up user accounts
  • Using the Quick Create wizard
  • Editing application pages
  • Defining triggers
  • Creating and editing views
  • Customizing the user interface
  • Configuring access control

(Go to the Quick Start Tutorial)

Update for Custom Trigger Development

Rollbase Private Cloud users can develop custom triggers. Prior to Rollbase 4.0, you used the samples and documentation provided in the custom development toolkit to develop a custom trigger.

Starting with Rollbase 4.0, you can use the Rollbase documentation to understand custom trigger development concepts and processes. (Learn more about Custom Triggers)

Documentation Enhancements

Because the look of all application pages and procedures for some tasks differ between the new UI and the classic UI, both documentation sets are available. Rollbase Private Cloud will ship with the PDF version of the new UI documentation. There will be no PDF version of the classic UI documentation.

You can also access a specific documentation set in the following ways: