Rollbase 4.5
Release Highlights

Visual REST API Mapper

In Rollbase 4.5, we provide a REST Service trigger type that enables developers to map Rollbase fields with REST service fields and access REST end points with zero coding. This feature supports GET, POST, and PUT operations. Just by configuring the required authentication, header, URL Builder, and Query parameter, developers can generate the code and build their custom logic.

Concurrency for Batch Jobs and Import Jobs

Starting this release, Rollbase enhances runtime performance for batch jobs and import jobs by introducing multi-threading for different customers. These jobs will no longer run sequentially in a platform. Each customer’s jobs will be run simultaneously reducing the wait time. This enables individual customers to have their own queue for batch jobs and import jobs.

UX Improvements

Conditional formula support for Custom Buttons

Rollbase developers will now have the capability to decide the visibility of custom buttons. Also, this feature focuses on a low-code customization capability that lets the developer control buttons by writing custom business logic in a formula field that gets evaluated at runtime.

Ability to tailor generated document file names

Now, record tokens can be used to dynamically generate document templates and reports file names. This provides users the flexibility to name documents based on the context and business requirements.

Improved Charts & Gauges

The ability to provide more flexibility for branding and customization of charts and gauges has been introduced. You can now use custom backgrounds, organization Logos, and can modify the range and colors of charts and gauges.


Improved Corticon Visual Mapper

Corticon Visual Mapper, a feature to invoke Corticon decision services in Rollbase, is enhanced to have capabilities such as previewing only mapped fields and other usability enhancements. 

New Password Change Flow

Password communication and change flow is more secure now. The temporary password functionality has been retired and an email with a password reset link will be sent. This feature is applicable for every New Registration / Change Password / Reset Password actions.
Overall following are the key changes related to Authentication & Password Reset:

  • Knowledge Factor Token for User Authentication - Adds an additional security check for users.
  • User Initiated Password Reset - Sends a notification email after a user has updated their password.
  • Changing the Password Reset Link - Changes the password reset link, and does not send a temporary password.

Get Paged Data APIs

Additional APIs to get paged data for specified views in applications has been introduced. This helps in getting view specific data with customized filters and user permissions for a page. For this, we have introduced the following two APIs:


  • getViewPage() : Gets data for a specific view id with specified filters and languages in an asynchronous AJAX mechanism.
  • getViewCount(): Gets the count of records of a view id and optionally dependent records with specified filters on a result set.

Workflow is merged into Storage Component

Platform architecture updated for merging lightweight components storage & workflow to one component as “storage component”. To support this, change an update to component.xml configuration file will be required.

To learn more about Rollbase 4.5, explore the product Documentation.

Rollbase 4.4 Release Highlights

Bringing on Business Rules

Rollbase is the first low-code platform with an enterprise-class rules engine

Codeless Integration with Progress Corticon Rules Engine

Corticon lets you automate sophisticated decision-making rules without code, such as how to price a loan, whether to pay a claim, or what resource to assign a task. With Corticon, you build “decision services” that are integrated into a Rollbase application as triggers. In prior Rollbase releases, Corticon decision services were integrated as RESTful services, which required JavaScript code to target the service end points and perform data mapping.

In Rollbase 4.4, we provide a native Corticon decision service Rollbase trigger type, along with a visual data mapper. This reduces the time to integrate a Corticon decision service from about one hour to about one minute.  

Business Rules

Smart Images

Smart Images automatically serve the optimal image to each end user, based on device type and resolution. Specify a maximum size in the Image Upload field properties and Rollbase automatically resizes images when users upload them.  Specify a dynamic image preference and Rollbase automatically duplicates images into four widths—992px, 768px, 480px, and 50px—and renders the optimal image for each end user.
Smart Images

Global Private Cloud User

Private Cloud instances now support allowing a single user to access multiple tenants if global authentication is enabled (SAML/ADFS or custom authentication). The option to switch tenants is available from the profile menu for users who have accounts on multiple tenants.
Global Private Cloud User

Improved Password Security

Private Cloud administrators who use password authentication can now configure Rollbase to store up to ten previous passwords for each user, and to prevent use of previous passwords. 
Improved Password Security

Support Ends for Java 7 and Tomcat 7

Starting with this release, Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are no longer supported. Please upgrade to Java 8 and Tomcat 8.
Support Ends for Java 7  and Tomcat 7

Release 4.5.3

Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.5.3 Release Notes

The following section describes issues fixed and enhancements done with this release.

  • For information on new features and changes in behavior, see here.
  • For information on supported platforms, see here.
  • For Third party acknowledgments see here.

Fixed Issues

Defect ID Case ID Description
72238 00401828 Some users were unable to open .pdf files from within Rollbase as the path separators were not properly handled.
72134 00401497 Pagination is disappearing when changing report filter criteria and reverting the changes
71621 00400378 Picklist search functionality for records with link lookup does not work.
71622 00400374 Clear All button in link lookup does not clear the displayed records and also shows some unrelated records.
71720 00399099 Nested delayed email trigger not getting queued when invoked from field update trigger.
70713 00398897 Users are encountering a 404 error on SOAP UI - Tool when trying to access SOAP end point.
71635 00397886 Conversion map for LDF enabled record with workflow action, the location field mapping is different in Old & New UI.
70951 00397644 Document Template stops rendering data for subsequent inner loops after fourth level.
70944 00393536 If objects in relationships are not part of core and dependent, an error is returned while generating an application.
70946 00386265 Revised Grid Control with Lookup having records in thousand slows down the rendering of edit page.
71092 Records viewed in applications with LDF permissions and related objects and view records in portal, do not adhere to LDF settings.


Enhanced Get Paged Data APIs: Rollbase 4.5.3 release offers an enhancement to getViewPage to improve the performance of API, JSON Format & Parameter Validation, better code readability and provides better information of fields & objects used as filters. The call structure is enhanced where each related object & filter parameter list is within a composite block, instead of comma separated object list in one argument.


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