Rollbase: What's New In 3.2.3

Rollbase 3.2.3 contains the following new features and enhancements:

New permissions model

Several customers have reported that the AJAX API role that was added in the 3.1 release has added unnecessary complexity and confusion to the permissions model. Therefore, this role has been removed. In additon, an issue where the Server API role was incorrectly applied to several API calls has been fixed.

Managing user passwords in Rollbase Private Cloud with OpenEdge authentication

Starting with Progress Rollbase 3.2.3, Rollbase Private Cloud users with Progress OpenEdge user authentication can manage passwords within Rollbase even though their passwords reside in an external OpenEdge database. This requires the master administrator to do the following:

  • In Progress OpenEdge: Configure the OERealm service interface file of OpenEdge SPA to enable Rollbase to change passwords.
  • In Progress Rollbase: Enable the Manages Password option on the OpenEge authentication page.
For information about managing user passwords in Rollbase Private Cloud instances with OpenEdge authentication, see OpenEdge Authentication Details and Change-Password ABL Logic in Progress OpenEdge .

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