Rollbase 5.0 Private Cloud Release Highlights

Rollbase strives to continually delight its customers with a set of new and improved enterprise business features. The Rollbase 5.0 release revolves around empowering users with high availability, auto scalability, greater effectiveness and a simpler, more intuitive UI. All of these enhancements and features work together to promote greater efficiency.

Visual Workflow Designer

The Visual Workflow Designer provides a powerful drag-and-drop interface that enables you to visually build your workflow processes to achieve better work outcomes. The new intuitive interface offers greater clarity around how you want to map your process steps using statuses, actions and triggers through visual representation like flowcharts and enables you to define your workflow processes with ease.

The new Visual Workflow Designer is fully compatible with workflows from prior Rollbase releases. So, you can continue to manage all your existing workflows as usual and design them in the new Visual Workflow designer.


See Visual Workflow Introduction Video and Working with the Workflow Designer for more information.

High Availability and Auto Scalability with Cluster Manager

With its Active-Active High-Availability, Rollbase 5.0 now offers your business applications maximum uptime and better fault tolerance in a cost-effective manner. All Rollbase components can now be configured for high availability so you can manage your server usage on AWS in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Rollbase 5.0 also enables your business applications to respond to varying load requirements by configuring your own rules and policies through the use of tools like Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling. You can automate the infrastructure to ensure that risks related to potential loss of readership, sales or the attrition of customers are mitigated with servers that can be spun up as network traffic increases and scaled down when traffic decreases.

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See Configuring High Availability for more information.

Rollbase System Console

Rollbase offers an enhanced  System Console dashboard. From there, you can easily view, configure and manage all the Rollbase system components, servers, databases, customer load, shared properties, control panel and monitoring jobs. This does away with the hassle of working in the backend to perform tasks such as manual configuration of shared properties and waiting for system restart. With the System Console dashboard, tedious tasks like system configuration and load balancing become a swift and easy experience.

See System Console Interface for more information.

Dynamic Request Routing with Nginx

With bigger sites, you will need multiple node instances to scale quickly and manage greater volumes of traffic. To effectively handle your traffic, Rollbase enables you to configure Nginx. Nginx decides where to route a request with Active/Active clustering, supporting greater throughput without a single point of failure and maintaining isolation of tenant cache. Nginx follows an asynchronous event-driven model for handling requests. 

When configuring Nginx in the private cloud, update the default Nginx pages such as index.html, 404.html, 50x.html (for all 500 series error codes) and favicon. Rollbase ships these pages under the “…/nginx/html” folder.

See Configuring Nginx for more information.

Distributed Cache to Support Seamless Horizontal Scalability & Resiliency

With distributed cache, Rollbase has seamless horizontal scalability and resiliency to serve one customer from multiple nodes and enables in-memory access to frequently used data as it pools resources from several servers. This provides the benefit of all nodes sharing the load of responding to requests while limiting the interruption to routine Rollbase operations during optimization and maintenance activities. In turn, this helps to increase performance with minimal disruption.

Improved Job Resiliency

Rollbase supports job resiliency so that all background operations for your business applications are executed seamlessly regardless of node failures or other external error conditions. Rollbase supports the below job pools for resiliency:

  • Delayed Trigger jobs
  • Batch jobs
  • Import jobs
  • Large jobs
  • Mail jobs

See Components - > Running Jobs for more information

High Available Search

Large-scale, online production systems need to be highly available without downtime despite any issues that may be encountered. Rollbase ensures that the search re-indexing jobs of such systems are not lost or processed twice and are not prone to corruption in the event of failure or problematic issues.

Enhanced Auto-number

The Auto-Number field behavior has been enhanced to provide a consistent user experience across UI and API for better ease of use. We have also enhanced the Auto-Number functionality to be better managed for change in the auto-number sequence, concurrency and bulk operation through API or import Jobs.

See Auto-Number Functional Changes for more information.

Client-side REST API Invocation

This feature introduces a powerful client side AJAX API rbf_sendHttpRequest in Rollbase platform to enhance the customization capability of Rollbase applications. This AJAX API enables developers to invoke REST APIs from Rollbase pages and Portal pages using custom script components.

UI Enhancements

With Rollbase 5.0, we focused on improving usability and the end user experience through new app configurations that enhance different UI elements.

Configuring UI Blueprint for Desktop & Mobile

Rollbase 5.0 enables you to offer distinct experiences to users based on the type of device they use to access the application. This is done by managing application-level configuration to define different Blueprints for mobile and desktop.

Click to Call

Rollbase now provides the “Click to Call” feature for Rollbase applications on your desktop and mobile devices. Any phone number will automatically appear as a clickable link, enabling users to quick dial the number from the UI.

Enhanced Configurable Position of Notifications

You can now better configure Rollbase notification messages to appear in different screen locations based on the context of your application. With Rollbase 5.0, notification messages can be set to display at the center, top corner or bottom corner.

Mobile-friendly Grid Control

The new Rollbase grid control provides visual consistency between layouts. It also enables you to configure as per application requirements, which improves the experience for mobile users. The new responsive grid control provides larger clickable areas that enable you to collapse or expand each row inside individually.

CDN Support

To augment the transport network and improve the performance and scalability of various deployments, Rollbase provides Content Delivery Network (CDN) support. CDN Support provides the following benefits:

  • Improving client-side performance and faster page loading by caching static files
  • Increased server -side scalability by serving static files from Tomcat/Nginx

See CDN Support for more information.

HTTP/FTP Request Retry

Rollbase provides support for applications to handle transient failures by retrying failed operations. This can improve the stability of the application. To achieve this, Rollbase has added retry parameters for HTTP trigger types and FTP batch jobs by enabling and configuring status codes, number of retries and retry interval parameters.

See HTTP Triggers for more information.

Improved Client-Side Performance

Rollbase 5.0 delivers key performance enhancements to theUI, business layer and data layer interactions, which improve the chart rendering performance by better use of the cache and limiting unnecessary database queries. This will also improve the performance of ListView, lookup fields and grid controls.

Rollbase 4.5
Release Highlights

Visual REST API Mapper

In Rollbase 4.5, we provide a REST Service trigger type that enables developers to map Rollbase fields with REST service fields and access REST end points with zero coding. This feature supports GET, POST, and PUT operations. Just by configuring the required authentication, header, URL Builder, and Query parameter, developers can generate the code and build their custom logic.

Concurrency for Batch Jobs and Import Jobs

Starting this release, Rollbase enhances runtime performance for batch jobs and import jobs by introducing multi-threading for different customers. These jobs will no longer run sequentially in a platform. Each customer’s jobs will be run simultaneously reducing the wait time. This enables individual customers to have their own queue for batch jobs and import jobs.

UX Improvements

Conditional formula support for Custom Buttons

Rollbase developers will now have the capability to decide the visibility of custom buttons. Also, this feature focuses on a low-code customization capability that lets the developer control buttons by writing custom business logic in a formula field that gets evaluated at runtime.


Ability to tailor generated document file names

Now, record tokens can be used to dynamically generate document templates and reports file names. This provides users the flexibility to name documents based on the context and business requirements.

Improved Charts & Gauges

The ability to provide more flexibility for branding and customization of charts and gauges has been introduced. You can now use custom backgrounds, organization Logos, and can modify the range and colors of charts and gauges.

Improved Corticon Visual Mapper

Corticon Visual Mapper, a feature to invoke Corticon decision services in Rollbase, is enhanced to have capabilities such as previewing only mapped fields and other usability enhancements. 

New Password Change Flow

Password communication and change flow is more secure now. The temporary password functionality has been retired and an email with a password reset link will be sent. This feature is applicable for every New Registration / Change Password / Reset Password actions.
Overall following are the key changes related to Authentication & Password Reset:

  • Knowledge Factor Token for User Authentication - Adds an additional security check for users.
  • User Initiated Password Reset - Sends a notification email after a user has updated their password.
  • Changing the Password Reset Link - Changes the password reset link, and does not send a temporary password.

Get Paged Data APIs

Additional APIs to get paged data for specified views in applications has been introduced. This helps in getting view specific data with customized filters and user permissions for a page. For this, we have introduced the following two APIs:

  • getViewPage() : Gets data for a specific view id with specified filters and languages in an asynchronous AJAX mechanism.
  • getViewCount(): Gets the count of records of a view id and optionally dependent records with specified filters on a result set.

Workflow is merged into Storage Component

Platform architecture updated for merging lightweight components storage & workflow to one component as “storage component”. To support this, change an update to component.xml configuration file will be required.

To learn more about Rollbase 4.5, explore the product Documentation.

Rollbase 4.4 Release Highlights

Bringing on Business Rules

Rollbase is the first low-code platform with an enterprise-class rules engine

Codeless Integration with Progress Corticon Rules Engine

Corticon lets you automate sophisticated decision-making rules without code, such as how to price a loan, whether to pay a claim, or what resource to assign a task. With Corticon, you build “decision services” that are integrated into a Rollbase application as triggers. In prior Rollbase releases, Corticon decision services were integrated as RESTful services, which required JavaScript code to target the service end points and perform data mapping.

In Rollbase 4.4, we provide a native Corticon decision service Rollbase trigger type, along with a visual data mapper. This reduces the time to integrate a Corticon decision service from about one hour to about one minute.  

Business Rules

Smart Images

Smart Images automatically serve the optimal image to each end user, based on device type and resolution. Specify a maximum size in the Image Upload field properties and Rollbase automatically resizes images when users upload them.  Specify a dynamic image preference and Rollbase automatically duplicates images into four widths—992px, 768px, 480px, and 50px—and renders the optimal image for each end user.
Smart Images

Global Private Cloud User

Private Cloud instances now support allowing a single user to access multiple tenants if global authentication is enabled (SAML/ADFS or custom authentication). The option to switch tenants is available from the profile menu for users who have accounts on multiple tenants.
Global Private Cloud User

Improved Password Security

Private Cloud administrators who use password authentication can now configure Rollbase to store up to ten previous passwords for each user, and to prevent use of previous passwords. 
Improved Password Security

Support Ends for Java 7 and Tomcat 7

Starting with this release, Java 7 and Tomcat 7 are no longer supported. Please upgrade to Java 8 and Tomcat 8.
Support Ends for Java 7  and Tomcat 7

Release 5.0 Private Cloud

Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.0 Release Notes

  • For information on new features and changes in behavior, see here.
  • For information on supported platforms, see here.
  • For Third party acknowledgments, refer product documentation or the installation directory.
Following is the list of issues fixed with this release.

Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00304648 18902 Unable to login as a customer into any prod server in a multi-prod server scenario, once a prod server is down.
00345421 41365 Any specified raw content in the request body of the rbv_api.sendHttpPost API is ignored, when making the API call.
00347624 44279 Auto-number field values are not incrementing after importing records and restarting Rollbase.
00354824 48843 In the send.jsp page, clicking "Send" resulted in script error when there is a custom script in the Custom Sidebar.
00358502 50649 When data objects field data is accessed by two threads concurrently, the CPU usage is very high on the prod server for a very long time.
00360985 61453 Page load time differs between admin and non-admin users in case of a look-up field.
00366310 67209 Related field values are not being saved and resulting in error when related fields in record details page are edited inline.
00369275 57494 In IE 11, list view rendering is very slow when there are multiple list views with a large amount of related data.
00369863 56826 Lookup field with “Vertical” alignment doesn't align as expected in the View page only.
00374134 59150 When cloning a record using the rbv_api.cloneRecord API, the cloning operation fails if the auto-number field has no input.
00385991 66155 When exporting records to PDF with “This page” and “All Pages”, the report page orientation is varying.
00387248 66218 New tenant ISV viewer takes more page load time than expected even for a small set of records.
00387304 66207 In the Rich Text Editor, while formatting “Quotation” type text followed by back space and entering sequence, the cursor moves up, pushing the text to next line.
00388229 69124 "Run Related Trigger" loses its associated trigger when an object with the same integration name is imported.
00389103 66604 When debugging a formula to validate an Auto-number field, its value should not increment.
00389981 67798 Audit trail is not displaying the API user's name when a record is updated using a REST API.
00391610 67635 Changes to object relationships are not being applied when the application is updated.
00392244 68811 In the View page, SQL error is encountered when a Lookup field is moved before the Reference field.
00392778 68469 Encountering error on page load for main link lookup fields when these are set to be “mandatory”.
00393066 68543 Unable to render the log, encountering time out and experiencing high CPU usage when trying to open a large log file.
00393433 68783 For a filter with Date field, upon
entering only the last two digits of an year, previous date is being considered instead of selected date.
00393525 68812 In the List view page, SQL error is encountered when a lookup field is moved before the reference field.
00393930 68887 In the new UI, the autocomplete feature for Location, Department and Function fields is not working.
00397495 69901 In Setup Home -> Monitoring, the Progress Data Service API link is visible even after disabling its related shared properties.
00397924 71507 Page load time is very high when a lookup field has User relationship based permissions.
00398241 70671 Unable to add the remote database objects to native object using the server-side API - rbv_api.attach
00398521 70928 Save and Preview buttons are not visible in the Custom Reports Builder page.
00399083 71541 The Help text icon "?" overlaps Text Area field label if the Field Labels Render Mode is "Show labels to side of value on all devices".
00399099 76455 Delayed triggers are being queued without evaluating condition formula/run on field change.
00399099 76456 Field validation for a delayed trigger is not done prior to queuing.
00399876 71433 When there is a change to the workflow status, dependent triggers are not being executed.
00400182 71320 The Growl alerts are not legible when the Application Theme is “Silver”.
00400821 71740 When there are more workflow actions and another workflow action is added in a record view page, some workflow actions are not visible.
00401380 72169 When searching in the Recycle Bin, performing forward, backward or sort operations on the search results page, the search filter values are being reset.
00401498 72171 When saving a field type - URL, encoded characters are added twice to the URL, making the URL invalid.
00401604 72552 The "Use Infinite Scroll" option is not working for the “Selector List” dialogs.
00401827 72307 Unable to white label the generated code reference for Trigger Type “REST Service”.
00402348 74041 Unable to utilize machine capacity to the fullest due to limited concurrent Import/Events in the Prod/Workflow server.
00405744 74834 CSS class values for grid sub-total, page total and grand total are missing.
00410343 57868 In case of global SAML authentication, for a single-user multi-tenant scenario, logging with customer ID is redirecting to the default tenant space instead of the specified tenant space.
00410810 77834 User creation is failing across multiple databases when rbv_api.updateRecord API is used to modify a user record.
00417017 80549 Recursion error is thrown for “Run Triggers on Related Records” trigger type if subsequent trigger has “Run Dependent triggers” option checked.
58215 The Header and Footer values of a report do not persist when the HTML report is saved.
37273 When a link lookup is in “pick-list” style, the records are not filtered; and when in “Selector-list” style, autocomplete is not working.
61078 In the user interface, warning messages are not properly displayed.
70660 Encountering error when adding a remote database object to a native object in the UI.
70893 When monitoring the System Jobs, the "Import Jobs" are not visible.
72710 Link lookup field is not displaying filtered values based on the selected custom view.
77648 Unable to serve large number of concurrent requests using REST APIs.
78697 Pages are constantly timing out with "Tab Content Temporarily Unavailable" compelling page refresh when the pages have "Documents" and "Conditions" in the tab content.
67876 When the GridControl component is embedded in a tabstrip component within a page, horizontal scroll is not available when a large number of fields are added.
68639 Session expiry does not redirect the SAML user to the configured logout page.
69818 For tenant based SAML configuration, the AssertionConsumerIndex is not available in the authentication page.
76137 When "Render as PDF" is enabled, "Render each record on new page" does not work for the newly created HTML Template reports.
77392 Occasional concurrent modification exception while rendering New UI page.
18202 Retry mechanism for FTP batch job is not available for various actions.
76145 When an application is updated, the remote database usernames and passwords are not being retained and are shown as blank values.
78268 Unable to create, view or edit calendar entries on mobile due to page layout issues.
74210 Unable to inline edit a field when its “Hide Label” property is enabled and the field value is initially empty.
68918 Page re-direct is failing when a HTTP session becomes invalid during the import flow.
71087 When changing the security level, a warning dialog about the impending impact is not prompted.
76544 Wrong Letter case is used for the Shared Property name -


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