Release 5.2.1 Private Cloud

Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.2.1 Release Notes


Release Date

July 9th, 2018

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Enabled SFTP support for import batch jobs.

Fixed Issues

Case ID Defect ID Description
00445254 RB-7909 Custom Reports links missing from page after App XML update
00447118 RB-7972 System backup doesn't include event data of the applications.
00447150 RB-7965 Lucene re-indexing takes time to release the lock with OpenEdge Database
00447299 RB-7922 HazelCast error seems to have stopped remaining queue of triggers
00447334 RB-7933 Object's Default Process getting altered when importing app in 5.1.3 from an xml generated in 4.5.3
00447855 RB-7946 Charts and required field indicators Rollbase 5.2 UI Changes Reverted
00448309 RB-8010 Error is thrown during FTP upload of large backups (more than 2GB) via the batch job

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