Release 3.1.2

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 3.1.2 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Known Issues - Mobile

PSC00296220 When using Firefox, an error message is displayed when the mobile emulator runs and FORM based authentication is configured.

When FORM based authentication is configured for a session-enabled application and run in the mobile emulator using Firefox, the following error message is displayed:
Error retrieving catalog ‘https://xxxxcatalog.json’. Http status: 500. Status (from jqXHT) : 500 statusText (from jqXHT) : Internal Server error


Session Logout implementation code may try to use undefined variable ("cError is not defined")


Login Session failure events are not triggered from iOS device with basic authentication


iOS native apps with Basic authentication and HTTPs fail with error: Service is unavailable when attempting to login.


Some Mobile apps expect Login Service to be synchronous

Third party acknowledgments

Third party acknowledgments are listed on the following Web page.

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