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Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.1 Release Notes

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Backward Incompatibility

Following is a change introduced with this release.

In case of a custom trigger development to update records, use the DataObject.getFullFieldMap() method, instead of DataObject.getShortFieldMap(), to fetch the current record values

Fixed Issues

Following is the list of issues fixed with this release.
Case ID Defect ID Description
00323907 18068 No option is available to configure each Lookup field (with multiple values) to replace existing values with new values for Mass Update.
00330158 26146 Batch jobs are executed 1 hour earlier than expected after Daylight Savings time kicked in.
00345623 41527 Encountering "Value is too long" error on Text Area fields.
00352539 45750 There is no information on which client side session data API's are not applicable to portals.
00353046 52110 Relationship values in data object are not being set correctly while importing seed records.
00365099 54951 Child records data keeps dropping when two records in a hierarchy are merged.
00380292 65019 Restoring records from recycle bin resulting in violation of its referential integrity.
00387329 66860 Using the "Print PDF" option for records with Chinese and Erythraean languages is not displaying the expected output.
00393138 79123 Errors were encountered after installing Rollbase and performing a global search re-index.
00393253 68842 Database Name on Customer record is not getting updated after performing the Database Move operation.
00398084 71583 "Do not allow duplicate values in this field" is not working for the Update field value.
00398760 70675 "Error preparing statement" error is encountered even though the the app installation from Marketplace is successful.
00400633 71552 Operand in detailed search is not saved when using related fields or external lookup (External Objects).
00401231 71970 Frequently encountering concurrent locks on all tenant instances when using StatsCollector with OE Database.
00402523 72904 When a workflow status is "Updated" executing the Change Workflow Status trigger, the Record Name is not updated and shows "Created".
00404867 74511 Sync with Google Calendar fails for an event if the record is created through rbv_api.createRecord API.
00407787 75500 Cloned record contains related records which were deleted during cloning.
00409490 80191 When importing data, the Date fields are displaying an extra day in the view.
00409531 84470 There is a mismatch in relationship based permissions model for GetPage & GetCount APIs.
00409702 76296 FTP Data Snapshot batch job with format .xlsx writes a file with a .xls extension
00410185 77376 "Save and New" button is appearing in the Edit page for users who do not have Create permission.
00410872 80446 Application "Update Only Add New" option is not working properly.
00412175 77786 Workflow Action Relationship based permissions is not honoring user object based permission.
00412617 84186 "Storage Move" for customer records is missing in Rollbase v 4.5 documentation.
00412801 81428 Max records limit is not working properly and displaying only 10k records in the list view page when a trigger is used to generate the xlsx report.
00413427 78896 After cloning related records, the "After Create" trigger is not getting executed.
00414026 79035 Imports using "Treat Empty Spreadsheet Cell as NULL" in relationship values do not appear to be "blanked" if the corresponding spreadsheet cell is blank.
00416703 79812 ListView filter - ORing of filter clauses is done incorrectly.
00417156 81000 When integration_name is longer than 20 characters and the tenant is reloaded, the translation for field values are not displayed in the UI.
00417717 58302 "Created by" and "Updated by" fields display blank value when the records are created by a Portal guest.
00418149 81065 Integration code is not displayed in the UI for a picklist field when using "Replace" functionality.
00418160 81423 Select ID control missing from the template helper for Document Templates.
00418409 81413 The Record Selector pop up does not allow more than 400 records to be attached. No warning is displayed about this limitation and the same is not documented anywhere.
00418783 82187 Rollbase is not invalidating the session of the first browser when a user logs in to another browser.
00418897 83559 Chart Drilldown ListView configured with Page Total & Subtotal (COUNT function) always shows count as 0
00419125 82706 When a Lookup field is used as an actual field to create a related field and a filter is applied to it in the list view, the related field displays incorrect records count impacting navigation to the last page.
00419421 81659 Incorrect view page is displayed after returning from a related record using role assignment page
00421607 82658 Workflow Action on User Object is not working as per expectation.
00422309 82402 Links in mobile are not pointing to the target and ends up in list view.
00422943 82797 Receiving multiple email alerts regarding "threads" after upgrade.
00426053 79116 A user with API access only permission is not able to change password.
00427211 84393 When the "Transfer owner" option is executed on records with multiple owners, it is not preserving the existing owners .
00430856 85965 Documentation information is incorrect for Auto-number generation.
00430941 86106 There is no loading indicator to display the rendering status for reports
that have huge number of records and columns.
00430941 86156 For reports that have huge number of records and columns, the column width is improper resulting in incomplete display of the report table.
72050 Configuring a large number of records in Grid control is resulting in slowness in client-side page rendering.
76811 Unable to append Google Map API key to integrate Google maps.
41370 Updating relationship field via API is not removing related records and is instead appending to the next related record.
43506 Detaching related record from the Edit page of an object does not reflect the changes.
18783 Views filters with related objects are not preserved in Import/Installation from Rollbase XML.
24827 Validated Record data trigger is not working on child field in hierarchy relationship.
62299 Send Email trigger after update is sending emails without specific field update for lookup type of fields
66158 Object Script trigger updateRecord does not validate ID's being passed via user input and throws exception only when trying to render the record in the UI.
75035 The 'Export to Excel' feature in Tabular reports does not support 4 levels of object hierarchy.
77668 Non-availability of an option to select and delete artefacts at the target after updating an App through UI is leading to time-consuming manual effort.
78325 There is no option to flag a customer whose status is expired/cancelled from logging into the Rollbase and using it.
82647 The nginx.conf, rb-upstreams.conf and rb-locations.conf files are missing in the
82673 The JSON and XML responses for the "setBinaryData" REST API is not same.
83510 On mobile, the margins in the Calendar Day, Week, Month selector are overlapping overlap the Today button .
83959 BreakinChecker message that appears on the logout.jsp page is missing translations.
84175 REST API - XML and JSON responses are not consistent
85546 There is no option for users to select the algorithm for signing requests.
86648 For a REST trigger, response tree is not generated when the attribute value is NULL in the JSON response.
86743 If the response is just an object, records are not created or updated when fields are mapped from the object to a Rollbase related object.

Release Date 

Feb 23rd, 2018

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