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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.3 Release Notes

The following sections list the issues fixed and known issues with this release.

Fixed Issues


Case ID Description
00358221 Related field tokens issue not working using the pre-existing token as provided by the Template helper.
00359805 & in record name returns no results when used together with Selector and Group by.
00355017 Object Script trigger field does not recognize changes made to File Upload field updated by preceding Create Template Document trigger
00357841 Java NPE when previewing or opening PDF template document
NullPointerException during JS report generation
NPE IndexOutOfBoundsException when importing APP with reports
00355822 The recursion setting of the trigger is not taking effect through RestAPI run trigger()
00353429 NullPointerException while printing javascript report
00353029 First column in PDF export of a view goes missing if Action column is made hidden
00352556 Correct date is not showing when create a record with user has language as "Dutch"
00351562 Inconsistent Timeout Thresholds
Selector pop-up is not getting closed when user selected record of detailed search results in case of one relationship lookup field
00351146 NPE when executing a batch job created by a user that does not exist anymore
00351496 Unable to login to Rollbase environment configured with OpenEdge Authentication
00354934 Cannot go to New line in Card Editor
00351131 NPE when editing a viewer and the object contains related fields.
00345288 documentation.jsp (configured for Help Me in is not scrollable if rbs-mainFontSize is 20px or bigger
00350173 Display the private flag on the view section of the object properties page
00342381 Importing a DateTime record from XLS file sets the date one day back
00345103 New UI: Related records list not populated if two relationships exist between the same two objects
00345027 In RTL mode, some page components should still be LTR
00345087 Flush out old View and Chart preferences
00347040 REST services cannot be tested because login method using loginName and password throws "Session expired or invalid login credentials".
00346482 getUpdate API call is not pulling back record IDs that have been updated in the current day when not specifying till date.
00345819 NPE after push update to tenant.
00345259 Intermittent image loading failure when using Amazon S3 cloud storage
00345637 Getting illegally formed XML errors when importing a file on the server that accesses openedge objects
00343051 AJAX API matchedObjectsJSON breaks in case of multi-line record name
00345191 Missing assignedTo field if Event attribute is enabled for object which already has a relationship with User object.
00343042 In New UI, user's assigned L/D/F values are not visible in the Location / Department / Function lookup fields on edit record page.
00344741 Admin users not available for selection in picklic or lookups
00344287 PageableList takes too long to render when multiple lists are included in page
00343051 AJAX API relatedObjectsJSON breaks in case of multi-line record name
00343931 rbf_setChecked()/rbf_setFieldValue() does not fire onClick event for checkbox group field.
In New UI, user's assigned L/D/F values are not visible in the Location / Department / Function lookup fields on edit record page.
Multiple clicks on Save button in Quick create page, creates multiple records
00343884 Date/Time Fields populated in Portal appear to be 1 hr ahead when field is not in the UI or when it is hidden.
00343041 Cannot set a Lookup field as Read Only inside a Grid Control
Edit and View record not working if object name contains double quotes.
Document template is not updated when uploading a new version
When Page level tab is enabled for new record creation page ,Finding scrollable element was wrong when page level tab is enabled for New record creation page on rbf_openCalendar() method. I added a newUI check and get scrollable element from Pagecontext.
00342379 FTP Error to backup when destination uses TLS
00356979 Related field data tokens not resolving for .docx reports
00338441 Record import containing date-time field with no value for time gets appended with random time
00329610 New UI - Date/Time Field default value not set for Start Date in Event property enabled object
00346911 rbf_xxxPicklistCode(), rbf_xxxGridValue2(), rbf_xxxGridPicklistCode() not working for Dependent picklist field
00338579 Lookup field alignment is not good if it is rendered as picklist
00330193 Unable to edit existing datamaps with required fields
00349852 There was no option to map 'Attachment' column type from MS Access to Rollbase while importing as new RB App.
00259757 My custom URL parameters not preserved when redirecting
62104908 Main Link Lookup more than one level
73827132 User created in Master zone cannot login to Tenant zone
00357181 Rich-text enabled Text Area fields show rich text as unformatted html.
00344536 QC Dialog, button panel is not visible when there are large number of fields i.e. dialog page has scrollbars.
00313812 Error while trying to upload a Microsoft Access Database Using the option Create from external data under New Rollbase Web App under Create a New App
00302672 When an Instance is configured with French and English and as a French admin editing a subtab name it doesn't take effect of its French page after saving the page leaving the subtab with previous value, the changes can be seen in the English version (login as English User)
00293110 Using #before on a text area field returns #value instead of #text thus destroying the code because of the generated carriage return line break.

Known Issues

  • Rollbase 4.3 has known issue with MySQL 5.7 and customers should wait for 4.3.1 service pack for working with it or use MySQL 5.6 in the meantime

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