Release 3.0.1

Third party acknowledgments are listed on the following Web page.

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Known Issues

PSC00310758 No validation for port numbers entered during installation
Currently, the Rollbase Private Cloud installer does not validate the ports entered by the user and warn if the ports are not available. It completes the installation and shows the error messages in log files.



When updating applications from XML, the person installing the update is not prompted to delete sub-menus that were deleted by the application author


Problems opening Rollbase-generated .ics files in some mail applications


Problem with Word Document templates


Unable to select destination page when clicking "edit" from the portal page "view" page


Existing Customers should Edit View/Report and select 'Search Criteria' as Filter Condition for OESO to retain their search condition and save


REST and SOAP APIs updateArr do not work with External Objects


An OpenEdge Service object cannot be attached to a related native object using a look up field


Rollbase Does Not Accurately Report Errors for OpenEdge Entities Using the BeforeImage Property


Published Application Includes Deleted Content

Third Party Acknowledgments

Third party acknowledgments are listed on the following Web page.

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