Release 2.1

FIXED in Release 2.1

  • Fixed an issue where a "no protocol: ../m/"; error was displayed when trying to run a document template.

KNOWN ISSUES in Release 2.1

  1. When installing Rollbase Private Cloud, a database will be installed even if the 'Create Database' option is turned off on the DB Configuration screen.

  2. When installing Rollbase Private Cloud, if the specified locations for the Database directory and the Work directory are different, the Database directory will not be created automatically. In this case you need to manually create the desired directory in which to store Rollbase Database and then run the file which is located in the %ROLLBASE_HOME%\db\install directory.

  3. On the Linux platform, when the 'Restore Default' button that is associated with a Rollbase Default Destination field is clicked, an incorrect value is populated.

  4. On the Linux platform, the ROLLBASE_HOME environment variable needs to be set manually by users before starting the Rollbase Tomcat server.

  5. When installing Rollbase Private Cloud, the 'Port already in use' validation message is not shown if a port for the OpenEdge database is specified on which OpenEdge is already running.

  6. When installing Rollbase Private Cloud on the Linux platform, if a Database Name other than the default "rbdb" is specified, you need to start the database manually before starting the Tomcat server. To manually start the database, execute the

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