Release 4.0.3

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0.3 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues


22039/00326459 Error on validating the trigger formula
Error: "Cannot test formula because there is no object record to validate it against or another error occurred. Use "Debug Formula" button for more info" on validating the trigger formula.

22027 Field mapped to XLS column value using SUM does not get updatedImporting from Excel now handles formula cells and processes them appropriately

22024 Too many product servers with Development License
For development edition of license, the max server count in the license xml was not being considered earlier and was always defaulted to 1.

22007/00327447 Font size is different in Quick Create Page
Application designer can now change the default font size using the following CSS rules. 


/* Override this rule to change the desktop font size */

html:not(.rbs-device-mobile).rbs-mainFontSize, html:not(.rbs-device-mobile) .rbs-mainFontSize {

    font-size: 12px;


/* Override this rule to change the mobile font size */

html.rbs-device-mobile.rbs-mainFontSize, html.rbs-device-mobile .rbs-mainFontSize {

    font-size: 14px;



19555/00324718 Login blocked for a customer after a few transactions using API
Login Blocked for a customer after few transactions over API after some calls over REST API and changes on customer edit page.

19539 rbf_showOrHideField is hiding the entire row

19511 Approval email template not set in an application imported via XML
In an application created by importing an XML of an app with an object having the Workflow and Approval attributes from a different tenant, the Email Template for the WorkFlow action is not auto-populated.

19411/00326438 Currency format is not correct
The currency format appears to be always showing a '$' even though the field is set to 'Other' in new UI

19250/00324454 Error notification sent on batch file import when there is no error
There should be a flag in FTP Import Batch job configuration to disable the success email notifications.

17828 Time value of Date/Time field incorrect in New Record Pages
Date/Time field is off by a few hours compared to current machine time of the Rollbase User

16480 rbf_setFieldValue API error
When using the rbf_setFieldValue method to assign a value to a lookup field, it places the ID of the value rather than the value itself

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