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Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.2 Release Notes

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Fixed Issues

Following is the list of issues fixed with this release.

Case ID Defect ID Description
00392117 RB-1913 Search condition in the Detailed Search component of a child tab is not reset when switching between tabs. All records are displayed.
00398437 RB-7751 IS EMPTY / IS NOT EMPTY view filters not being respected when used with other conditions
00404564 RB-1969 After deleting a tab, sections of the deleted tab unexpectedly appear in a different tab.
00413545 RB-2002 Chart data does not persist when a filter is applied to it.
00416374 RB-1684 Enabling the Hide Logo option for an application as a master admin does not hide the logo on any page.
00416703 RB-7581 Unable to create working view for blank owners with other criteria
00417937 RB-2074 Adding and saving a related record for the second time is resulting in the removal of the original related record.
00417967 RB-2004 Checking or unchecking Hide Empty Columns for a chart with filters results in records outside the chart filter criteria to be part of the chart.
00418378 RB-2068 In Chrome, magnifying the browser view is impacting the Rollbase functionality.
00425453 RB-2206 Not having Multi-version Concurrency Control for long-running transactions can block concurrent reads for MS SQL Server DB.
00427210 RB-2102 In multilevel tabular reports that have charts at multiple levels, the second level chats are not rendered in the report despite selecting the option to render the charts.
00428125 RB-2104 Workflow Action populates only those fields which are present on the new record page of a related object that employs a conversion data map. It does not populate fields that are missing on the new record page.
00430941 RB-2148 Reports with huge data take a longer time to display and export. On the browser, the report shows up as having no records and then, suddenly the data appears.
00431720 RB-2166 User's link invalid/expired page confusing users who enter incorrect username
00432860 RB-2175 An error is encountered when attempting to process the JSON data returned from the getRecord() REST API.
00434551 RB-2201 rbf_setFieldValue API is broken for Location; Department and Function fields.
00434858 RB-2209 Unable to create a record with a user when the Portal User loginName contains a _character if two or more loginNames differ only by one character.
00437061 RB-7315 The API Token Generation UI is hidden in the Change Password page making it hard to understand if it is active or inactive.
00437478 RB-7123 Phone Number field with a * mask restricts the user from any UI input.
00437611 RB-7215 Component information is throwing an error in the browser console for new UI.
00437808 RB-7216 Conditional formula is not working using CURR_VISIT tokens
00437989 RB-7214 Column headers are not aligned with data in a Grid view.
00438093 RB-7252 when records are selected, Server-side API getSelectedIds returns null
00438181 RB-7254 For View pages, the Clone option is not visible on the Apple devices.
00438324 RB-7227 All Chart Name Axes get cut off on all high contrast/dark themes.
00438349 RB-7228 In Rollbase 5.1.0, the Bootstrap CSS tab strip colors are different for apps using the traditional bootstrap theme.
00438655 RB-7440 Unable to filter on blank related fields of lookup fields
00438776 RB-7319 In the Code Generator topic documentation, Code Generator is wrongly referenced under Administration Setup instead of the Application Setup.
00439254 RB-7430 Exception error shown in log on backup restore
00439254 RB-7350 Sync Subscribers job is running too long for some days if the tenant has 40k and more user records
00440568 RB-7497 Error on Update Trigger if Do Not Allow Duplicate is checked for a field
00441558 RB-7576 If a Phone Number field mask has a space the new Click to Call functionality doesn't work
00441924 RB-7585 "Run Report" button not showing for HTML Report after applying dynamic filters
00442159 RB-7770 System Restore fails with an error of primary key violation
00442377 RB-7584 Apostrophe in View name causes error to console
00443831 RB-7710 Installing a fully locked app is not removing custom gauges and charts
00444433 RB-7761 A warning message is shown on system backup on the hosted cloud Rollbase
RB-7387 Views with many related fields in filters slow down the performance
RB-7490 Compound primary keys are not working on list views using the HDP option.
RB-7424 There is no way to include max memory (Xmx) value in the Memory column of the Servers view in the System Console.
RB-7369 The FTP Data Snapshot Batch job is not working with a non-default port.
RB-7032 PDF templates that were previously working correctly in 4.5.7 are no longer working correctly in 4.5.8 version.
RB-2199 System Console: Cannot reset the file contents for a config file to the bundled defaults available on the platform.
RB-2141 On mouse hover, field level tooltips flicker instead of being in one state


Release Date 

June 15th, 2018

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