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Release 4.0.5

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0.5 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see  https://documentation.progress.com/output/rb/doc/index.html#context/rb/rb_whats_new

Fixed Issues


31122 Gauges are not rendered in Record View pages
In View pages, gauges display the message Invalid Data and are not rendered

Cancel or Save of child record edit goes back to parent details not child grid
Saving an edit of a child record the user is taken back to the parent details not to the child grid

30261 Creating a new tab in the View page of OE object displays “Tab content temporarily unavailable”

30166 getPicklistCode API added for Picklist, Multi-Picklist, CheckBoxGroup & RadioButtons fields

29183 Handler to change Security Level for master zone
There was no provision to set Security Level & Expiration policy for Master Tenant.

28905 Trigger type “Update Field Value” does not work when assigning a lookup/id of an OESO

28877 rbf_setFieldValue(“checkbox”, “on”) does not work on Mass Update page in new UI

28874 Performance issue in New UI

29049 Record view pages buttons not functional after 4.0.4 upgrade

After 4.0.4 upgrade the view page buttons are not functional. The “Back to List”, “Previous”, “Next”, “Edit” and “System Action” buttons display “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property checked or undefined

29041/00332550 Issue with selector option in lookup using search field
Popup never closes when a record is selected after searching from search lookup 

28281/00331163 Can edit Object record through Developer Tools and save updated value even though edit is disabled through condition formula

28603/00331312 Current portal user token values do not get displayed in received email

29050/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/t/21799
Images fail to load in HTML/PDF document templates for related objects
Creating document templates with image tokens of related objects will fail to load images

Irritations with menu editing
When editing the Menu and clicking on Save or Cancel, it navigates back to Tabs list page

28318/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/91/t/21849
“Back to” button missing if UI is drilled down to more than one object

Color grid and TODAY + 1 does not work
Date time fields can now be compared to expressions like: date time gt TODAY + 1

29427/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/t/22043
Problems in Gmail message view page
After attaching a Gmail account from third party settings, observed thatbacktouser@gmail.com, older and newer buttons are not working.

28932/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/p/21915/76956  
Grid Control Lookup Field Auto completion style issue
Auto completion list of matching entries is overlapped with section content 

23915/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/t/20844
Original ID is not supported in URLs in New UI

28263/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/p/20425/76256#7625
Issues with Events and Reminder Popups

19474/ https://community.progress.com/products/f/25/p/21907/76937#76937
Recent items were not showing up correctly in some themes


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