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What is Progress Rollbase?


Rollbase is a complete cloud-based rapid application development, deployment, and management platform which addresses two key application needs of your customers:

  • Fast time to business value using ready-to-run SaaS-based Rollbase applications
  • Develop or customize apps to meet specific business needs using the Rollbase development platform (PaaS)

The ability to develop and deploy Rollbase on your cloud – the cloud of their choice -- also eliminates the number one customer concern about running applications in the cloud - data security.

How Do You Benefit When You Offer Rollbase?

Rollbase provides you with the ability to offer both fully-functional SaaS-based application to address common business needs such as CRM and Order Management, and a development platform that allows customers to develop their own applications.

Rollbase provides competitive advantage by allowing you to offer customers a complete range of cloud services – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS – delivered in the cloud of their choice.

Infrastructure-only vendors cannot offer a complete solution. And because Rollbase runs entirely on your infrastructure, it helps you monetize your existing infrastructure investments .


How Do Your Customers Benefit from Rollbase?


Unlike most SaaS apps which are deployed on a public cloud, Rollbase apps run on your ‘in country’ or ‘in region’ private cloud infrastructure.

This means that customers get the cloud-based business solutions that they need, without the data security and compliance concerns.

Progress Rollbase Marketplace


Rollbase includes a fully-brandable Marketplace which resides on your website and allows your customers to browse, search, and select the Rollbase application(s) and templates that meet their business needs. The Marketplace is managed entirely by you. You can select which applications and templates are offered (including uploading your own unique applications), and the user interface can be configured with your themes and logos.


6 Reasons Why Service Providers are
Choosing Rollbase

  • Moves them beyond the IaaS “race to the bottom”

    Offering SaaS applications provides increased customer engagement, competitive differentiation, and higher margins than increasingly commoditized infrastructure-only sales.

  • Brandable application marketplace

    Customers get 24x7 self-service access to a wide range of complete Rollbase business apps running on their infrastructure. The Marketplace also allows them to offer additional apps that meet the specific needs of their market

  • No security risk with running applications in the cloud

    Delivering SaaS apps on private clouds eliminates data security and compliance concerns.

  • Enable customers to build their own web-based apps

    The same platform that’s used for SaaS applications also features a high productivity PaaS-based application development environment.

  • Maximize the utilization of their existing infrastructure

    Rollbase is fully multi-tenant with a low infrastructure footprint. The scalable architecture allows resources to be added dynamically as needed.

  • Progress Partner program

    We don’t just deliver products – we provide a complete solution including sales & marketing enablement.

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