The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues

23977 Field level Validation is not working for File Upload Field

23978 Clone option should not be enabled for File Upload and Image Upload fields

24156 File should not be accessible when permissions are not set for File Upload Field

24166 NullpointerException in Marketplace when category has no parent 

24471 Edit Forms with Lock Status field giving errors

24573 Errors in user operations if Mobile backend is not present

24598 NPE in Production in PageableList

24091 Issues with SQL Server access through D2C Object

24330 Do not enforce validation that Phone Number field value should complete input mask.

24469/00328617/00328615 NPE when importing xlsx/xls files after upgrade to v 4.0.3

24089 Case sensitive issue with Postgres datasource for D2C Object

24057 Clone issue - Additional Parent relationship created

24080/00327680 Ability to override change when same object belongs to multiple Apps while creating Customer

24084/00327988 Missing role in USER object view criteria

24466 Add App Server logs link to Master Zone logs

24161/00326779 Using incorrect routes for communication from router to PROD1

24245 No images in templates

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