Release 4.1

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.1 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues


37290 List View column resize is not working
When the horizontal scrollbar is visible the resize does not work when going from smaller to larger.

37278 Status Field values not exported in Excel export

37197 /
Third filter in views is breaking
When a view contains 3 filters, the third filter is not performed

37163 / 00342017 Filter condition is wiped out when editing viewer with OE object
Filter condition is wiped out when editing viewer through object definition > viewer.

36610 /
Public image access for OESO with guest user credentials
When a view contains 3 filters, the third filter is not performed

37125 [iPad] Unable to click on menu options
Sub-menu navigation has an issue on iPad where users were are not able to open a sub-menu inside a top-level tab.

36732 / 00341382 HTML filters involving Date Ranges are not saved

36628 / 00336479 Batch jobs for FTP Import fail with NPE
FTP Import batch job does not run and results in an exception.

36428 Changes to ‘Tabs’ don’t reflect when pushing XML from one environment to another
Modifications to Tabs in an application, such as moving a top-level tab into a nested one, are not propagated properly.

36426 / 00341911, 00341253 Selecting All and deleting on customer search result page deletes all customers
If a user performs a search using keywords and proceeds to use the Select All Records option followed by delete, all records are deleted instead of the filtered result.

36313 / 00339921 /
Detail search component containing a related field (Lookup i.e. field type Relationship) results in blank Rollbase page
Added support to filter by Related fields such as relationships in the detail search component.

36175 NPE
When a menu is available but the associated page definition is not available in the backend, the result is an exception and a blank page

36159 / 00341248 /
Edit button appearing even if the user doesn’t have “edit” permissions
If a record does not have edit/delete permissions, the respective actions are hidden in grid view. However, in case of record view page, the actions are shown in disabled state which causes confusion.

36047 / 00341056 Tabular report is showing and exporting inaccurate results
In the NewUI, Tabular Report Export does not respect filters

35909 / 00341133 Hide checkbox field’s label on UI pages not working for view page

35904/ 00340096 Record edit by multiple users gives blank screen
When a record is opened for edit, and a second person tries to edit the same record, the user is presented with a completely blank page.

32910 /
Top to bottom, then left to right navigation order is not working if the new record page has embedded quick create

32305 / 00335779 /
Related template field is throwing NPE in record view page if related record is not selected

16468 / 00341126 Get 404 (Not Found) error is showing up on developer console when navigated to a new record page which has a grid control
When a gird control is part of a UI page, the page render throws up an error in the debugger console due to incorrect access of non-existent file in the page DOM structure.

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