1. Added new server-side API utility methods rbv_api.jsonToString() and rbv_api.stringToJson() methods for converting to and from JSON

  2. [Private Cloud] Added a new configuration setting to for max length of Query API called "MaxQueryLength"

  3. [Hosted Cloud] Integrated Rollbase Hosted Cloud into the Progress Pacific platform framework with Pacific Dashboard and centralized login page using ProgressID as the authentication service.

  4. Added new server-side API utility method rbv_api.evalXpath() to parse an XML string and evaluate it as an XPath expression.

  5. Added ability to use Related Fields in View filter criteria

  6. Added capability for Time fields to accept ISC-formatted strings "HH:mm:ss" as an alternative to the user-defined format

  7. Added a "View" link to the Actions column of Views. This link only appears when the Record Name field is not included in the View to ensure users have a way to navigate to each record.

FIXES in Release

  1. Fixed issue whereby Triggers with a specified delay time may not be executed as expected

  2. Fixed issue whereby the rbv_api.sendJSONRequest method for DELETE does not work as expected

  3. Fixed issue whereby the rbv_api.selectCustomerNumber does not return the correct value

  4. Fixed issue whereby related fields in Mass Update pages are not editable

  5. Fixed issue whereby the REST API login method does not properly return a JSON response when requested to do so

  6. [Private Cloud] Fixed issue whereby filtering views and reports on multi-select picklist fields is not working when running Rollbase on Microsoft SQL Server databases

  7. Fixed issue whereby rbv_api.getFieldValue() may return NULL instead of 0

  8. Fixed issue whereby REST APU selectQuery() method with XML output format provides no empty nodes for NULL values.

  9. [Hosted Cloud] Changed CSV output for REST query API to use date/time values in UTC rather than server time zone

  10. [Hosted Cloud] Fixed issue whereby users may not be logged in when viewing the Application Directory even if they do have a valid session.

New Features and Enhancements

  • User Experience enhancements include:

    • Single sign-on with your Progress ID to the Pacific Console
    • New user interface design
    • A new Community for users which migrates all Rollbase forums from GetSatisfaction to the new Rollbase Community

  • Connection Pooling changes get faster database access within your application using Bone Connection Pooling (BoneCP). This is now the default setting and the JDBC URL does not require a BoneCP prefix. Legacy connection pooling is still available as an attribute to the Database element

  • A Rollbase Private Cloud(RPC) installer bundles the installation of Rollbase and OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS with JRE and Tomcat to save users from having to download and install components separately

  • The Oracle & SQL Server versions support ConnectionRetry and useTxtRecovery parameters within the JDBC URL.

  • Private Cloud distributions of Rollbase include branded DataDirect drivers.

  • These Rollbase DataDirect drivers also support BoneCP.

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