Release 4.0.2

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Progress® Rollbase® Version 4.0.2 Release Notes

The following sections describe known issues and issues fixed in this release. For information on new features and changes in behavior, see

Fixed Issues Font Size

Default font size can be changed to any size from 10px to 20px from Classic UI to New UI

To switch all tenants/customers to the New UI, define the shared property “EnableNUIForAll=true”. Customizing Print

Removed header and footer and other unwanted buttons in the print page action

White Labeling Changes

Rollbase default theme changed from “Rollbase Default” to “Default” and “kendo.rollbasedefault.min.css” and “newui.rollbasedefault.css” to “kendo.rbdefault.min.css” and “newui.rbdefault.css”.

SideBar (Hamburger Menu) “Settings” label changed to “Set up home”

Page Title Customization

In record details (view/edit) pages, the page title has two parts; title label and actions toolbar. By default the available page with is shared like this:

On medium and large devices, equally by both of them (50% each)

On small devices, 30% page title, 70% toolbar

Users can now override the rbs-objectViewTitle and rbs-objectEditTitle CSS classes to change the percentage of space occupied by the title label

Page Toolbar

Improvements made to the Record view page and to the Record edit page


Toolbar controls moved from within the “canvas” to the page header and removed labels for Show and Assigned To

Workflow Actions column in Grid

Workflow actions have been changed from horizontal links in the action columns to a Split Button listing all available workflow actions of the record.

PSC00340127 Grid Action Menu

Grid actions menu is now launched on hover of Grid Actions icons in desktop and mobile/tablets or any touch supported devices by user clicking on icons.

PSC00339816/PSC00339953 Section Actions

Introduced a primary and secondary toolbar distinction

00322585/PSC00339694 White labeling issues

Issues identified with white labeling to hide references to Progress and Rollbase

 00322580/PSC00339951 Make more actions button visible when we have space (large screens)

When using a larger screen, custom buttons and workflow action buttons are showing up in page by default based on screen size. Also, add record is available at the section level (left side with + symbol) for grid control component in New/Edit record page.

00322580/PSC00339953 Have to search for the option to add a row in the editable grid

The “+” icon is now placed at the top-left of a grid control component section and when clicked, a row will be shown to enter related record data.

00321834/PSC00339275 Workflow status field blanked when importing spreadsheets

When “Treat empty spreadsheet cells as NULL values” is selected when importing spreadsheets, the workflow status field is blanked out.

00322741/PSC00339802 Error when accessing JavaScript functions in hosted files

00320616/PSC00340146 PD4ML cannot support the THAI language

THAI characters in PDF templates are not displayed correctly.

00323063/PSC00340217 Grid control issues

rbf_setGridValue2 API does not set the date value correctly, “Remove” icon is not shown for attached records, date input control alignment with many columns and rbf_getMaxRowIndex2() returns the wrong value

00322575/PSC00340266 If the linked lookup is a selector then it is not filtered

Selector pop-up of linked lookup is now filtering the data based on main-lookup field value.

00322575/PSC00340267 Link lookup is not working correctly with the new UI

The quick create button of the linked lookup is now visible in the NUI and when a record is selected in the linked lookup, it is shown in the linked lookup and not in the main lookup.

00324197/PSC00340470 Using rbf_getFieldValue to retrieve a value in a hidden lookup returns null

Using rbf_getFieldValue to retrieve a value in a hidden lookup returns the ID of the stored value.

00324198/PSC00340538 rbf_showOrHideField() API is not listed in the API picklist field

00324207/PSC00340614 Hyperlinks are not clickable from the rendered PDF

Enable hyperlinks while rendering PDF checkbox added to enable hyperlinks generated using the HTML templates

00324595/PSC00340841 Legacy UI option displays blank page in new ui

PSC00339694 Overflow in cell html component when using a very long word without spaces

To workaround this issue, use overflow-x:scroll or the style overflow-x:hidden or word-break:break-all or word-wrap break-word.  Repeat the rule for each HTML cell. This will be fixed in a future release.

00322585/PSC00339694 ‘No relationship definition found’ message in chart view

‘No relationship definition found’ message in chart view after installing xml file for the application.

17666 Add new clone ServerSide API

Added a new ServerSide API to clone a given record.  Added this to template helper dropdown.

12619 Seed Record Enhancements

  • Performance Improvement in Seed Record Handling in terms of page load times
    • Moved from being a section in App details page to dedicated page
    • Implementation pagination
    • Moved to AJAX loading from full page reload on removal of records
  • Ability to attach seed record from all pages in record selector
  • Ability to filter seed records based on object type
  • Fixed seed record list and its count going out of sync
  • Fixed issue with removal of large number of records at a time
  • Max Seed records is now controlled by (MaxSeedRecords). Default is 15000
  • Fixed issue where Seed records were not getting deleted when the original record is deleted

12624 OESO Enhancements 

The OpenEdge Service Object has been enhanced to support both server side select query and client side select query.

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