Release 5.1.1 Private Cloud

Progress® Rollbase® Version 5.1.1 Release Notes

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Fixed Issues

Following is the list of issues fixed with this release.
Case ID Defect ID Description
00435370 RB-2212 No automatic unload of tenant after the inactive period.
00436780 RB-2218 By default, the list view page displays filters as per the value set in MaxFilters shared property.
00436784 RB-2215 The selected lookup field value is not displayed properly in 5.1 Nova theme.
00436790 RB-7030 Quick create option was disabled for a link lookup field of picklist type.
00437064 RB-7029 While assigning a new integration ID to a cloned/original role, the integration ID of the other role is also getting updated.
00437304 RB-7035 Phone filed box outline is missing while editing.
00437354 RB-7091 Unable to input numbers into a TextBox field with mask.
00437443 RB-7059 Portal Login As button does not open in the page in new tab.
00437671 RB-7160 Exclamation mark missing in error messages.
00437976 RB-7226 Some of the UI Elements like success, warning, info, error message icons and close button are not visible in Black, Blueopal, Moonlight, Silver, and Uniform themes.
RB-7195 Object List Page dynamic filter, Apply and Clear, buttons are misaligned in IE and Edge browsers.
RB-7031 While updating the authentication profile of a cloned/original role, the other role's authentication profile is also getting updated.
RB-2219 Client-side getViewPage API is not returning hierarchical related record field values.
RB-2198 While Upgrading to 5.x version config defaults are not handled if the config files are missing in the rollbase/config folder (e.g. legacyObjects.xml).

Release Date 

Mar 30th, 2018

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